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What (house) are you listening to?


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Derrick Carter live Westfest '09

y o u sendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=MnFqRFFYcVh3TGdLSkE9PQ

no one else sounds quite like him..

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thanks to diablo :)


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^^ Limelight Wednesday anthem

and the music began to play!

nice one mike, hadn't even thought about that tune in years


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Sean Smith live @ Betty's 8/9/09

1. Collen & Webb Feat. Pauline “Give Me A Call” GAMA
2. Mishal Moore “Oh Lord” (Kenny Dope RX) Ill friction
3. Kem “Tonight” (Jihad Muhammad RX) CDR
4. Ski Okenfull Feat Amp Fiddler “Let Me Be” BBE
5. Kyoto Jazz Massive feat. Vikter Davies “Seep In Your Mind” Compost Records
6. Quantic “Sabor” Tru Thoughts
7. Ruben Blades “Palstico” (Bugz in the Attic RX)
8. Natalie Cole “La Costa” (Jozanna RX) CDR
9. Luther Vandross “My Favorite Things” (Geofree C) CDR
10.Donnie “You Got a Friend” (Guy Robin RX) CDR
11. Jill Scott “Golden” (Sir Piers RX) CDR
12. T Connection “Do What You Wanna DO” 9Kevin C
13. WAR “Flyin Machine” (Sean Edit) United Artists
14. The Whispers “Planets” (6 Borough Edit) Jisco
15. Hercules “7 ways to Jack” (Ashley Beetle Edit CDR
16. 3 Amigo’s “Opera House” JellyBean
17. Angel A “Escape” (John Cutler RX) Liberate
18. Greymatter “Believe in Something” (Fantix RX) NY Soul
19. Dennis Ferrer ‘Sinfornia” Strictly Rhythm
20. Liquid Dope “I Go Back” White
21. Seduction “Women Beat their men” Velocity
22. Grand High Priest “Mary Mary” Loftwerks
23. Rhythm is Rhythm “Strings of Life” Transmat w/ Candy J “Sweet Pussy Pauline’Accapella