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What Happened at the Wavery Hotel v2.0

Boss Hog

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So I'm getting a bunch of stuff together for a portfolio and I came across these pics from last year. I would like to post the whole set but alas, bandwidth.

So, for your entertainment, here's...

What Happened At the Waverly Hotel

Frankie and Harriet, a couple of dames out for some wild fun and hot licks, had been joyriding with an assortment of pills for 3 days and 2 nights when they picked up Zeke and Mitch just before the Tennessee border.

The boys were looking for a ride to visit their aunt, who was in a coma after her house had burnt down, killing all 109 of her cats. Neither had been across the tracks just outside their trailer park, ever, in their whole lives.

Harriet felt her pills wearing off, and it had been a long haul for the girls. But they had driven far enough to feel a safe distance from their last adventurous stop. They thought picking up the two hitchhikers would provide them with some entertainment at the trail end of their buzz, but the boys were unsure of this new world, and Frankie and Harriet were a little frightening to them. So the girls, sensing their toys weren’t all they’d hoped they would be, decided to check into a motel to get a shower and a few drinks.

It was a night the boys would never forget.

What follows is (a very abridged part of) their story.

After checking in they roamed the halls looking for room 609

"Well boys, here we are."

"Let's see what we have in here..."

and so the fun begins.

Something preoccupies Zeke.

Zeke is down with Frankie and Harriet's idea.

Zeke tries to share the fun.

Queen Zeke.
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Boss Hog

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Originally posted by Lysistrata
From Tennessee to the Waverly is an awfully long drive.
This is the Waverly Hotel in Tenessee. You know the one.

Yes it's John. He's one of my many muses.


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this should really be merged with the infected piercings thread for extra ambiance...


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Originally posted by Boss Hog
This is the Waverly Hotel in Tenessee. You know the one.

The one where you forced me to sell my body for money to sustain your whip-it addiction?

No, I've suppressed those memories, thanks.
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