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What ever happened with the cops/stripsearches a while back?

Discussion in 'Downtempo Room' started by Subsonic Chronic, Sep 20, 2000.

  1. Subsonic Chronic

    Subsonic Chronic TRIBE Member

    I remember a few months ago, maybe longer, cops raided a party in Halifax (please forgive me if I'm wrong, but it was in a maritimes city and I'm 90% sure it was Halifax). They suspected that drugs were hiding in ceiling tiles and when they couldn't find the drugs they strip searched several partyers without any reasonable suspicion other than the fact that they were at the party. This was clearly a violation of their rights, and if I remember correctly, there was an "inquiry" into this matter.

    What ever came of that?

    If the cops out there are just like the cops here (and everywhere else) I suspect that they were given a slight tap on the wrist and told not to do it again.

  2. nwright

    nwright TRIBE Member

    The police run investigation concluded that the police acted in an appropriate manner. They were justified to have suspicion because there was the smell of marijuana smoke in the air and there were booths giving out information on drugs (a booth like TRIP).

    This is obviously bullocks. The case has been given to another, civilian run, group to investigate. The issue is pretty much dead though.

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