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What Do You Think About DAYTIME PARTIES???

poker face

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page 4 continue!

lol, nice one will!

But you also have to take in consideration that thing that they call music at Hullabaloo.


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Daytime parties are fun but so tiring
I could handle them once in a while
I still remember how tired I was after being a Marshall at I-Dance last summer
No chance for after-parties for me after being out for 12 hours in the sun
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This thread is making me crave spending hot days in the sun, listening to music....that's gonna be soooo good. Camping, here I come! :)



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Will? Are you saying Daytime indoor or outdoor??

I've already spent money for daytime parties, well Area-One and LIFE FEST in Windsor at least and they both rocked, though for different reasons!

I attended at least 6 outdoor-daytime parties last year, Grind fest, Up fest, iDance, LIFE FEST, Area-One, and there was another I can't remeber the name of.

Personally I prefer them, you can socialize more easily, the music isn't too loud but loud enough if you want to hang by the speakers. I can go longer partying during the daytime, like 11am - 12 midnight or later, and feel rested when I wake up the next day. Even iDance was great because it was a hard day's work but I had fun and more importantly I remember it all! I also didnt spend the next day recovering or wasting away my time... I could go out again! and I did!

Ibiza does daytime partying all the time, best place to go for it isn't it? I'm defo hitting up OHM this year...



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I don't see y the party couldn't be indoors during the day.
The party Tenaglia throws at vinyl goes on through the next day. Many people don't show up until 5 in the morning and party till late afternoon. Same with stereo in Montreal sometimes.
If you think about it, whats the worst thing you hate about partying? For me its coming out of the club in the early morning to bright sunlight and feeling really sketchy and out of place. Then i go home and throw blankets on my windows, turn off the phone, and try and get some sleep. Then my sleeping pattern's all whacked out! This way you would come out at night and be ready for a sound sleep.

I'm actually a nighthawk myself but i might prefer this. And Chiclet, heck this would be even more renegade than partying at night! :D


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Originally posted by poker face

and what kind of music do you like?


You don't have to like raves to like the music. just like some don't like the music but like to go to raves

poker face

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Well stu I don't think "raves" was mentioned.

I think we should consider it more of being a festival like the up festival or Area one.

I agree I don't like raves but rally are there raves anymore these days. I would call them more like large club events or warehouse parties i.e. booze cans!
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I guess I should have made what I said a little more clear
Raves as in the "all night dance rave parties" suck ass
Yea I'll admit I still go to them every now and then ... but I rarely stay for more than a couple hours
The only reason I still go is cause I can't go see dj's I like spin anywhere else
The idea of being cramped into a small club with a lot of sweaty people and being deprived of fresh air ... just isn't my idea of fun anymore
I would love for the day to come where I could go to a "rave" that was held during the day
An event like that would be so much better on some many levels
Especially if it was held out doors
It would be a huge set in the right direction