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What do you like about the Holidays?


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Ok, so everyone loves to get their hate-on about the Holidays, how about - what do you like about them?

- It's an excuse to indulge in some fatty-treats for a few days.

- Getting home to spend some time with the Family. I actually like my parents / sister / etc, and enjoy getting to see them for a bit longer than normal, and on a span of a few days when no one has nothing to do.

- Catching up with people I haven't talked to in awhile. Yes, we should do a better job at keeping in touch year-round, but so what.

- Watching my Nephew play with his new toys

- Things are really quiet at the office. With people going on vacation / etc, the pace here has slowed down the past few days -- it's nice to not feel as hectic at work for a bit.

- Curling up under a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate watching cheesy Christmas special movies that you know are bad, but don't really care as there is a nice comfort in watching that trash with your family.


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I love christmas day with my family. They are really laid back and the whole day is drinking good wine, eating good food and low key conversation. All at my aunt's beautiful house. The day is even better now that I have a little kid! I can't wait for her to rip into some wrapping paper!


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~ lights and decorations
~ hanging out with my family and friends more than usual
~ the food and the booze
~ moving in slow motion for two weeks, this is the only time of year it happens for me
~ wrapping presents, and giving them (heck and receiving them)
~ getting cozy on the couch with my other half
~ getting cozy right up and past new years
~ laughing
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- tastefully done lights & xmas trees
- pristine snow
- seeing what nutty gift my mom got me
- getting ppl gifts that they really wanted or needed, cute little surprises
- snowmen decorations
- jim henson xmas stuff, all the old stop-motion xmas movies...



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Yeah. Not at all for me. I hear steel drums or ocean sounds and it gives me that warm fuzzy xmas feeling that you get from the cold weather.

Snow sucks.
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Christmas movies and episodes. Like the 90210 episode where everyone almost bites it on the school bus.

Sitting through Bing Crosby's White Christmas with my sister for the part where those two door knobs get up and sing the worst/best duet in history, "sisters"

Christmas merriment

Drinking beer during the day with my family because it's Christmas

Hiding in the basement from the rest of the family with my uncle to watch The Family Guy

Christmas tree

Midnight mass. Even though I haven't been in a while. heh.

Christmas stockings with the BF on Christmas morning


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-excuses to drink too much, eat too much and socialize (this one has the downside of the fattening.)

-dreaming/searching out/giving awesome, perfect, affordable, original, meaningful gifts to my nearest and dearest.

-2 days off, so time to be able to go home and see my family and spend lots of time reading and playing card games.


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cause we're super awesome at crafts, my roommate and I decided to make out tree this year... which slowly evolved into a green imperial star destroyer... and the decorations became tie-fighters suspended from it.

yeah, pretty amazing.
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reveillon on Christmas Eve at my house with my daughter and her bf(something with seared scallops, tiger shrimp and mussels tbd, and good wine)
Christmas morning present opening while drinking mimosas and eating white chocolates, courtesy of Santa via Teuscher's or Leonidas, followed by blueberry pancakes
Christmas dinner, then the aftermath when they are all gone, which hopefully includes seeing some goofy film like Holiday Inn.
Ramping up for the craziness of the party the next day

The general feeling of goodwill that seems to emanate from people
And no work until January 6!! :)
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Getting together with friends.
Family obligations, even though I dread them most of the time.
Admiring my tree.
Wrapping presents.

glych t.anomaly

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family & friends
xmas weed
xmas parties
xmas booze
xmas laziness [ everyone one fucks off around this time of year ]
xmas nookie
xmas food
xmas shows [ some of them ]
xmas lights and decorations
xmas futurama



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ila said:
Sitting through Bing Crosby's White Christmas with my sister for the part where those two door knobs get up and sing the worst/best duet in history, "sisters"
<3 <3 <3
Best cheesyass xmas movie ever. Don't forget the random singing of "snow" on the train....

for me:

- seeing it all again through the eyes of my kids - especially now that elissa's old enough to be ridiculously excited

- watching rudolph and the grinch umpteen times with the girls

- incorporating steve's and my different family traditions into our new one

- thinking up gifts to make for people

- xmas baking (and eating)

- xmas eve and morning with our little family and watching the log (it's become a tradition with us to put the CityTV log on for presents and breakfast)
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