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what do you 'COOL' techno elitists think about THE HACKER ?


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The Hacker is pretty good.

I like the album that he made with Miss Kittin, and the Dima remix of "Fadin' Away" is awesome.

I didn't care much for "Cabaret Futura" though...


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The hacker is decent. I have no issue with the type of music he makes (just in regards to your elitist comment :) ) However, I gotta say, in my opinion, he seems to be missing that little something that separates the competent from the truly inspirational and moving. That said, I have his album with Miss Kitten, and it's worth a listen or two.
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he's okay, nothing groundbreaking or earthshattering...i've never heard him spin though.



Destro Sanchez

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heard some weak reviews of his live sets. (short and uninspiring..)

never heard him dj.

makes some decent tunes.

if you are askin if I would pay to see him.



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hes ok nothing to write home about really ...
pretty much uninspried music for the most part...
I would take dopplereffect or even adult over the miss kitten and the hacker stuff any time at all...
live he is (yawn) boring....
I find his quality of production to be standard not total crap but rather just ok.....
djing well not much dj wise excites me these days
(no offence to the djs of the world but thats how it is for me) so unless he djed while standing on his head breathing fire I wouldnt find him interesting no matter how solid he is...
I also think that there is a certain astetic that is accosiated with the 80s electro pop revival that in general leaves me lack luster....
there is still nothing that can compare to the likes of: dopplereffect, drxcyia, 2 lone swordsmen and so on in terms of electro the revial stuff like the hacker is doing is really lame when placed side by side with the originators material.
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I really like him, but I think he is very "Jekyll and Hyde"...

-DJ set in Berlin for this year's Love Parade (sci-fi tek funk that blew my mind)
-Miss Kittin and the Hacker Gigolo release had some great moments (which never got play in clubs)
-Remix of Si Begg's "Welcome to the Discotheque" is on my all time top ten.

-Any live set I've seen (especially involving Miss K.) induces narcosis
-Miss Kitten and the Hacker Gigolo release had lots of shit moments (which got played waaay too much in clubs)
-Most of his el*ctrocl*sh-y stuff is uninspired (fits genre, though)


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Originally posted by patrick©2002
well... what's your stand on the man known as the 'HACKER' ???

just looking for some feedback.

Let me guess...he's coming to Nation.



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Re: Re: what do you 'COOL' techno elitists think about THE HACKER ?

Originally posted by xlr
Let me guess...he's coming to Nation.


no. just a question.


we're trying to stay away from 'techno onslaughts' at nation. maybe incorporate some 'tech' but not full out 2 hour techno sets.

the reason for my question was because I'm getting a block of dates from his manager in France to try and put a small north american tour together for him. Just getting some feedback... that's all. Research I guess.



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Originally posted by Twix

-Remix of Si Begg's "Welcome to the Discotheque" is on my all time top ten.

AGREED!! You have to admit, he has all the requisite 909 electro and old 80's BonesBreaks era patterns down pat. Not to mention so solid subtle 303 work.

Some of the tracks on the Miss Kitten and The Hacker album were a little ummm.. cheesy and/or egotistic. 'You and us' being the worst (bad spoken word and music).

I heard an electro mix by him that was put out in Germany, however I think it was more of a licensed compilation as the mixing really is non-existant. I'd like to hear something else however. I have an old Miss Kitten mix somewhere hmm.. I'll have to find that tape now..

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I just picked up a records of his....couldn't tell you the track name..cuz we all know how good I am at that...I liked it..quite a bit actually.

Just to follow the lead of the rest of you....Id say he's pretty much hit and miss.