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What dj's would you like to see this summer?


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I guess it may be a bit late to request a big international dj to the promoters, but i'm dying to see Oliver Lieb.

Who do you want to see?

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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LTJ Bukem
Angel Alanis
Darren Emerson
DJ Irene
DJ Rip
Dave Clarke

@ the same party in that order :D



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didn't we just have this thread called "who do you wanna see at connected"?

speedy J live
monika kruse
chris liebing
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Adam Duke

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Here goes:

Si Muthafukkin' BEGG, homeboy!!
Tube Jerk LIVE
Paul Brtschitsch LIVE
Justin Berkovi (LIVE or dj)
Sven Vath
Dave Clarke (always)
Speedy j LIVE
Neil Landstrumm
Fischerspooner LIVE - OH MY GAWD!!!

that's it for now...



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i say who cares

give me a wide open field with a kickin sound system and excellent weather... add some local talent, good friends, and a bottle of fine red wine... and i will be quite satisfied!


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Marco V. [I may not be hiting WG]
DJ Yahel
Lisa Lashes [just because]
Space Girl LIVE
Roni Size
Darren Emmerson
Olav Basoski
Sven Vath
Dave Clarke
Bad Boy Bill
Paul van Dyk
Chris Fortier
Chris Liebing
Corvin Dalek
Oliver Klien
Darren Christian
Dubtribe sound system
Kings of Tomorrow

*sigh* too many to list...can't think of anymore right now...



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Dave London
Krafty Kuts
Plump Djs
Rennie Pilgrem
Debbie D
DJ ScissorKicks
DJ Marky
Danny McMillan
FreQ Nasty
Koma & Bones
Lee Coombs
Z Trip
Mint Royale

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I would love to see Jimi Hendrix and his Flying Chimpanzee Circus Act (FCCA)

but if thats not possible...

Grooverider and/or Fabio
Way out West
Sander Kleinenberg

that DJ Jarome guy who is all over the MP3 sharing proggies (hahaha)

Yes I know it is bizarre that I want both DnB and prog trance but I have drank too many Revs.
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already happening and looking forward to :

sasha & diggers
dave seaman
mauro picotto

should be happening because I said so :

chris liebing
dj rush
jimmy van m
sven vath, as long as he plays hard and doesn't go too electro


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Originally posted by JayIsBored
isn't jimmy van m opening for sashweed & digga?

sweet mother of fuck I made a poopy in my pants

please tell me that I didn't do this for no reason
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Originally posted by kyfe

no poking fun.. I was serious, I can just picture it.


I wasn't poking fun / was serious , I think it'd be great

We honestly have a brilliant summer here in Canada, it's straight up only a few degrees cooler than it is in sun drenched places like Spain , and canadians always make the best of it when summer does roll around - why not take things out of the clubs while we can?


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Thank the City for that not happening... I've wanted to do a party in High Park[no pun intended] for the longest time. Try getting a permit!



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Jimmy Van Monkey Balls is opening for S&D on most of their dates, not sure who Toronto will get...maybe you will get his unshaven alter ego, Sean Cusick (saw him on Thurs here and he was pretty good)
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