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What constitutes "consent"?


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If someone is hitting on you, and then goes to dinner with you, and then a couple hours later gets into a taxi with you, and knows that the taxi is going to your house, and then comes to your bedroom, and then takes off their clothes and gets into your bed.....

.... is this not enough to consider "consent" to, well, some kind of sexual activity?

Add in that you told them at dinner that you want to go home for the express purpose of sex?

I'm not talking about "no means no". "No" is clearly a line where everything stops.

But what about those situations where "yes" isn't quite articulated?

Seems like most of tribe is married now and this question doesn't matter anymore to you. But to those of us who are single, is it really required to explicitly ask for a "yes" before the green light?


Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
no, maybe they just want to go to sleep. once they take your clothes off and start groping you then its consent.


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You are aiming for enthusiastic consent. Not "well they're in my bed, so I get to fuck them." If you're not sure whether they're consenting and you have to ask the internet, don't fuck them. Ask them.
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Bernnie Federko

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How much legal hassle is some action worth? And if they're going to have trauma that you're deemed responsible for in their mind, do you really want that on your conscience?