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What Charities Can Use Donated Appliances?


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Hey guys,

We're getting a new stove, but our old one is in perfect working condition. Do you know of any charities that would pick it up and be able to put it to good use?

I tried Goodwill, but they don't do appliances anymore.

Or, failing that, does anyone here need a good free stove?


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I could use a stove.

You could also try whatever that "house" is called that helps women get back on their feet


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Habitat for humanity only accept appliances 5 years old or newer. ha.

this thing works perfectly.. like, the temp is spot on
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found a link http://www.toronto.ca/reuseit/orgs.htm#stv. breaks it down into the different areas of toronto and what each oraganization will accept.

unfortunately it looks like only a couple groups will take a stove and it sounds like you have to get it there. i'd hate to see it go to waste. i guess you could always sell it then make a donation to the charity of your choice.
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