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what celebrity do YOU look like?

Richard Raiban

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go to http://www.myheritage.com and post a pic of yourself and follw the simple steps!

i was VERY happy with my results. the site says i look like (and this was the exact pic it refered to)


it also said i look like Tia Carrera


it also said


THATS a first
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i uploaded one pic and i got a bunch of hotties as my lookalikes (lara flynn boyle being one)..
uploaded another one, and got people i've never heard of (and dustin hoffman!! wtf?)
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Yeah.. tried myself and got a couple of weird ones... Kate bekinsale and Drew Barrymore I can deal with.. But Johnny Depp? And there was this creepy looking guy I never heard of.... (Oh, also got that guy from 'The Crow' :0 )

ROFLMAO.... Are these just random? LOL
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my friend showed me that website a few weeks ago. apparently my closest look-alike was some bollywood actress. which was funny because i'm pretty white.


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My top 3

1st try

Britney Spears 74%
Anne Hathaway 66%
Sammi Cheng 66%

2nd try
Audrey Hepburn 74%
Geri Halliwell 73%
Tyra Banks 73%

LOL wtf
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