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what are you listening to NOW?

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evil homer

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this mix from psk.ca
it's proving to be right up my alley
for something compeltely different, i'm in the process of downloading some strangefolks and converting the shn files to wav's

then i will listen to those
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evil homer

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Originally posted by Nebu kad
which one ?
the one at the top of the audio page, sean f i think
got hidden agenda, old doc scott, paradox and such (not in that order)

although in the following days i got hooked on that quasar mix too, except the ending, i do like that f8 track a lot, but it just wasn't the conclusion to that mix i was hoping for

anyways, that there is a wealth of audio goods, exceeded this month only by the discovery of
although that's a whole other can of worms (i recommend ulu, antibalas, topaz and soulive)

Nebu kad

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^^ that must be the radio show archive.

and i know what you are saying about the f8 tune, it does have that progressive feel to it, as opposed to a concluding/winding down feel.


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One from the archives:

Sean F - Buried Treasure

man, what a nice tough set. that Metalheadz/Reinforced vibe that keeps me coming back for more, tight mixes, good programming.

This is the DnB I'm talking about. :)
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Just a snippet, cuz I haven't heard it in a while:

Bad Co. - The Nine

25 seconds and already I've heard too much ahhh hhahahahaa

and now:

Essential Mix 1995-10-07 feat. A Guy Called Gerald

Sharon Forrester - "Love Inside" (London)
F.B.D. - "Just Visiting Mars" (Outstanding)
Lemon D - "Jah Love" (Conqueror)
Tom & Jerry - "On And On" (Reinforced)
Tek 9 - "Jus A Likkle Sumtin'" (Reinforced)
Nookie - "Only You" (Reinforced)
2G's - "Energy" (Juicebox)
Internal Affairs - "In My Soul" (Reinforced)
Metalheads - "Angel" (Metalheadz)
Doc Scott - "Far Away" (Metalheadz)
Goldie - "VIP Riders Ghost" (Metalheadz)
Waxdoctor - "Kid Caprice" (Metalheadz)
The Ballistic Brothers - "I'll Fly Away" (Junior Boy's Own)
Manix - "Intelligent Hoods" (Reinforced)
Cold Mission - "20 Below Zero" (Reinforced)
A Guy Called Gerald - "Darker Than I Should Be" (Juicebox)
A Guy Called Gerald - "Glock" (Juicebox)
A Guy Called Gerald - "Finley's Rainbow" (Juicebox)
The Summit - "Project X" (Summit)
A Guy Called Gerald - "Heckle & Kosk" (Juicebox)
The Guyver - "Deep Cover" (Reinforced)
Majistrate - "Tell Me" (Intalektive)
Neil Trix - "She's So" (F.D.B.)
Ruffage Crew - "Menace" (Reinforced)
Primary Source - "Everyone's A Gangsta" (Reinforced)
Unknown - "Amen Reprise" (Infra Red)
Comin' On Strong - "Cold Mission" (Reinforced)
A Guy Called Gerald - "Sunshine" (Juicebox)
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