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What are you having for dinner?


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The Healthy Butcher does NOT add sodium nitrate in ground beef... there's nothing but beef in the ground beef.

Nitates and nitrites are used in curing meat (like corned beef). They are the same as saltpeter (an old term for the same thing).


Saltpeter is a specific nitrate, potassium nitrate. Combined with sulfur and charcoal it makes black powder (gunpowder)

FWIW, you can get "readycure" which is a mixture of salt and sodium nitrite at highland farms on Dufferin @ Supertest, across from G lord ross park.


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Last night I made dinner for my family and for my sister and her family:

Tow-mater soup for the first course
Pan roasted flank steak marinated in oil/garlic/rosemary and shallots and french fries and boston baked beans for the main course.
Strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert. I know it's out of season, but I've still got a big pile of strawberries (and the last of the rhubarb) in my freezer from last june so I thought I'd break out some spring :)

Tonight I'm making trout cakes, rice and probably green beans or 2 colour corn. Or maybe both. Garlic Aeoili to go with. White chocolate chip/macadamia/cranberry cookies for dessert. I'm going to use a bit of smoked trout with the fresh tonight so I guess we'll see how it turns out. SK8- I will send you the recipe soon! my interweb has been down all week.

Booty Bits

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we had beef tenderloin, with a crust made out of crispy potato, breadcrumb, horseradish, and other deliciousness.
sided with garlicky rosemary potato wedges and buttery herby green beans.
paired with some incredible wines. no complaints!


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Last night I discovered the magic of the homemade rice bowl, inspired by Fresh:

jasmine rice topped with:
- sauteed garlic, ginger, leeks, peppers and tilapia with sweet chili sauce
- steamed bok choy
- roasted tofu cubes (with a dark soy marinade)
- green onion, baby spinach, roasted pumpkin seeds & avocado

it was incredible - I foresee many more variations on a theme to follow.

Dirty Girl

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i dunno what im having dinner,
but for lunch im having avocado and chicken (or maybe tomatoe instead of chicken) sammiches. This is most exciting as its only recently that I discovered that I dont mind eating avocado.
avocado and nutella?


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After weeks of waiting my ultimate baking stone has finally arrived! I think there will be lots of bread and pizza this weekend :)

Tonight will be toad in the hole and saurkraut


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I keep seeing those ads for the mushroom swiss melt at Harvey's and it's making me crave one so bad.

So tonight I'm making veggie burgers piled high with carmelized onion, mushrooms and goat cheese, with sweet potato oven-baked fries and spinach salad on the side. A nice compromise I think.


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Gonna light the bbq in a minute. Hardwood fire and once it is burned down I will grill a nice steak. I don't have any veg on hand today but I think there still might be some wild spinach in the yard so I will steam some of that.


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from vegan to steak eater - wow! that's a big transformation.

Oh it was a process let me tell you, we still rock a veggie meal here and there. She isn't all the way there. Makes meals easier to coordinate.

Sad thing she can BBQ a steak better than mongo!


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I got my fancy baking stone and then felt shitty so I didn't get all the fantastic baking in that I had planned for the weekend. My pathetic cooking weekend turned into:

takeout fish and chips on Saturday
swiss chalet chicken and ribs on Sunday

I'm making some pizza with prosciutto, roasted red peppers, pesto, red onions, mozzerella, aurechio and parmesan reggiano tonight though.

I'm also making some sort of hybrid sandwich bread using the biga I made on Saturday for a nice crusty loaf that I didn't get around to making. We'll see how it turns out. Hopefully good, or I won't have sandwiches for lunch next week!