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What are you doing this Saturday

Discussion in 'Hip Hop Room' started by dizroc, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. dizroc

    dizroc New Member

    Yes we're still alive. What's up everyone it' Vision, here with a couple things to let you know about.

    First :// joining me this Saturday August 23rd @ Down One (49 front St. E) will be special guest dj/producer BronzeOne of Notes to Self, a Toronto based Hip Hop group making very strong moves. This will be his second appearance @ the Hyp~Nod~Ic showcase so if you missed him the first time.....................well, you know the rest.

    What's you can expect to hear is Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Original Breaks and head nodding beats. Come down shoot some pool, play some ATARI or just Cool out with us there will be NO COVER at the door.

    Next:// We (CellDivision) are approaching our second year of droppin the serious beats @ Down One. We would like to thank everyone who has come out and given us love and support in our move forward.


    We will definitely keep you posted on our anniversary party.


    CellDivision Crew

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