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What are the best sites for Torrent Links?

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Hi i'm God

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Originally posted by xtcfreak

and if you are familiar with irc, click the irc chat link on the suprnova page.. #suprnova.torrents has alot of offerbots..

How do you find out what their offering though? I can only find IRC stuff or ircspy.com

Subsonic Chronic

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^^ It's a message board, and you have to sign up first.

People start threads with the torrents attached in them.

I'm not sure if it's Digital Update or Phoenix Torrents, but I think with one of them you have to post in the thread first before being allowed to download the torrent file.

(edit... unless you're talking about the irc part of suprnova, in which case I have no idea. :eek: )


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there are places on Efnet to get Torrents also.

#bt-gm for one

God, sometimes, you just have to idle in a channel for a long time and wait for messages to come by.

Just like when you're a newbie on a message board, it's best to lurk and then post (or type in Irc's case).
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Originally posted by Hi i'm God
How do you find out what their offering though? I can only find IRC stuff or ircspy.com
As subsonic said, you have to watch.. BUT most of the good channels will offer a @find command.. suprnova's is good for this.. so like @find kill bill.. you will then get a bunch of msg's saying who has it or where..


btw, if suprnova is slow, then hit refresh to find a faster server..

i have gotten some quality stuff.. torrent addiction.. need more HD space!