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What are peoples plans for the summer?


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Well those of you who get summers, when do they begin for you?
If you are working, where?
Any trips or other plans?

I'm planning on going to live with my parents as of the third weekend in May and working landscaping there for the rest of the summer.
In the middle of june I'm planning on going back to my old school for my sister graduation thing and then I'm off to Japser for a week for hiking in the rockies.
My only other excursions this summer will be hopefully a music festival or two and a lot of travel to keep in touch with good people back up here.
Then of course comming back in the middle of augest to move back in.


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Originally posted by nusty
Well those of you who get summers, when do they begin for you?
2 weeks

If you are working, where?

mostly from home but I have an office (in the boonies). Offshore sportsbook and casino.

Any trips or other plans?

Bermuda, Antigua and maybe Guatemala.



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I plan on doing LOTs of camping this summer.

My dream camping vacation would be a bunch of friends..... we rent a couple of house boats....Bring the turntables.. ROCK ALL NIGHT ;) then pass out in the sun during the day ... lots of Roof diving, and B.B.Q'in


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I have about 3 days between the end of this term and the beginning of the summer session.

going to have fun this summer:

-Multivariable calculus
-Advanced statistics
-database design

but i still intend to party every weekend... :)

French Disco Girl

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Re: Re: What are peoples plans for the summer?

Originally posted by Bumbaclat
Bermuda, Antigua and maybe Guatemala.


guatemala for me as well - 2 weeks in july (but i wouldnt consider it a vacation). then perhaps off to Crotia if finances permit.

river rafting at the end of may, san diego in the beginning of june & as marty said - lots and lots of camping.

and i can't forget OM :)
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Nova Scotia for family reunion and Surfing in August, Montreal im May/June, maybe a trip to NYC



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Patios & Beer #1
Newfoundland Trip!! yay
Learn how to stop on rollerblades
Fiking -- hee hee


da MiGHTy pLUm!

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trip to vancouver for a week around august/september
set up a display for my online comic at the comic convention this summer and then try to look cool in the sea of geeks.
patio and beer, patio and beer, patio and beer! :D



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work like a dog and take zero time off.
go camping on weekends. (real camping, not partying at a provincial park)
hit up a few big parties.

that is all.

oh, and sex, lots and lots of sex. :)
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I'm SOO looking forward to my first BBQ of the year tonight :D!!
That is the clincher that summer really is on its way!

As for the summer - I don't get a traditional "no work- all play - for x amount of time - kinda summer" - but I plan to thoroughly enjoy myself despite the restrictions
aka: work!

so its beer, patios, HEAT, weekends away, and hopefully get to spend a lot of time with my friends!!
can't wait :D!


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At the end of April, I'm moving home to Brampton.. but if I find a cheap sublet I'll come back to London for Intersession.

In June I have my birthday :D

At the beginning of July, I'm going to Trois-Pistoles, Quebec (2 hrs east of Quebec city) for five weeks for a french immersion program.

After that, I might continue on to New Brunswick and visit some relatives before returning home.

Oh GOD how I've missed the east coast!

Then I've got my sister's wedding on August 24th.

I'm taking next year off of school for financial reasons (but I'll take a distance studies course or two) so I'm not sure what I'll be doing after that.


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GATECRASHER SUMMER SOUND SYSTEM! ah yeah :D <--mmmm....sasha: two sets in one day! plus other debauchery and fun in jolly old england. and my return to my clubbing home, the gallery. i can't wait!

MOVING! Bye bye stupid beer boy roommate!

SUPPOSED to be helping out with fashion cares?!?!?!?

drunkenness, clubbing and all around silliness. plus work.

my summer starts tomorrow after my stupid copywriting class. it's gonna be a lovely day


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Work as many 4-day weeks as possible.
Learn to fly fish.
Spend as much time as I can at the cottage.
Go out once in a while.
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Temper Tantrum

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Thailand for May and June
Moving back to montreal get a job and work full time for july/august

Lots of:
patios and beers
Visits to the tdot
Friends coming up
Tam Tams in the park
Lazy brunches on Sundays

and most importantly




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I'm hitting Europe for a solid 3 months with my best friend. Mad partying! I also wanna hit Gatecrashers festival, good times!

I will miss tribe, no doubt about it.



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Originally posted by poker face
Montreal Trip
NYC Trip

If any of you are comming to NYC give a shout my way. I'll be living 10 minutes outside time square all summer with my parents (in jersey) and would love some people to go into the city with at any time of the day if I'm not working (all my friends there are not electronic fans).

It really sucks going to the clubs by myself.

Also if you surf, bring your boards and we can go hit up the jersey shore (its really nice!) I try and make it there every 2 weeks or so for skimbaording. Skimming and Surf are best at roughly the same tides. so it would be a nice half day excursion.
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lots of drinking in hamilton, waterloo, and toronto (on patios)
lots of ultimate tournaments
camping at least once
going to the zoo!!!

i wouldnt mind going to wonderland this year as well


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Well firstly, I have to find a job! I'm not having much luck with that. :(

I need to rake in some work experience, and I have only 2 summers before I graduate from university. And it doesn't help that I didn't work at all last summer since I was in London doing summer courses. I don't care about the money, I'll even do an unpaid internship--I've done it before.

Secondly, I'm most likely going to be taking one or two summer college courses in the multimedia/design area. Any suggestions about which Toronto area colleges are good for that?

So far, my research has revealed that either OCAD or Humber would best suit my needs(?)

Other than that, I'll probably just lounge around and hang out with friends from home. I've almost been in school for 2 years straight, as I only got August off last summer. That really sucks when the majority of your friends are in a different city 2 hours away.


j bunny 2000

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YYEhaahh summer is so close !!!

I will be going home this week to start working my as off at a golf course again. Good news i will be leaving the dish nazis. YESS !!!

I hope to hit up as many patios, beaches and bbq's as possible. Then i will be off to Italy to study an art history for August. Can't wait. :D :D :D

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