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what are my rights?

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I'm sure most employment contracts have a nice little clause stating - "any work that is reasonable" or somthing to that effect.

So no matter what your job title they can ask you to do just about anything as long as it is reasonable. What is "reasonable" is up to the courts, but pretty much anything legal and safe, would be considered reasonable.
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Most will include a section like mine: "15% other duties as assigned by the director, the deputy director, or the manager, Administration services..."

So you basically can't say no to anything.


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so, basically me asking my employer to define what I am or am not responsible???

That is stupid!!!

Prior to returning to work, I spent 17 years in the volunteer world.

The most harmful thing that you can do to a volunteer organization is to give someone a position without outlining their job.

Imo, volunteer work is as important as a "real" job.

Volunteers have more rights than those in the business world???

That is stupid!!!!