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What a line up each week! - DJShows.com Check it out!


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Yes once again,

http://DJshows.com brings you Breaks Tuesdays starting off with Torontobreaks.com Radio [7pm-9m], Marty Mc Fly [9pm-11pm] and D-monic [11pm-1am]. Wow.. what a lineup!

We have another wikked date for you all to check out and again i can't forget Trance Thurdays with a wikked line up with Technopolis (6PM-8PM) [-Dr. Trance], Torontoraves.com Radio (8pm-10pm) [Lyphe, Lady B and smoking Joe], Adernaline Radio (10pm-12am) [- DJ Fuzion], and Chronic Radio (12am-2am) [Dj Patrixx].

Also check out Wednesday nights Jungle/Drum and bass show starting off with Brand X (6PM-8PM) [DJ Solo], Torontojungle.com Radio (8PM-10PM) and more!

Last but not least, we can not forget all of our other live shows such as DMT [St. Pete], Pannik radio [DJ Pannik and DJ Raaven] , The rush hours [JustRich], The witching hours [DJ Graeme], Of the Rails [DJ Amtrak], Technificent Radio [Tekkid and Curt Martin], DragnflyAirwaves.com Radio [DJ drag N fly], FunDmental [DJ Danny Boy], Equinox [DJ Matrix], Gladstone What?[DJ Sonny Phono], House Essentials [DJ Ewalk], SubTransit Sessions [DJ Lou and DJ Engine] and Many More!!!!!!!!!

Only off http://Djshows.com
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