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Westend grand opening breakz!


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Well I most certainly had a wikkid time tonight!! I hope everyone who came out had a great time!

Great sets by ALL dj's!! Shouts out to FunkNstyle- woohoo! - u rock Jonny!!
The ever so hungover RobbG- wikkid job! And of course- Who could forget the hilarious, and ever so talented MERIC!!- who better to close down the night than you??

I'm really really excited for this night to take off! Much fun was had!
Thanx for everyone who came out to support, and we'll see everyone on Dec. 22 for the infamous John E, Madhatter and our very own resident FunkNstyle!!

see You all in a couple of weeks!!

*jen*---> to state for the record, is still very drunk right now, and continuing to drink at my baybee Dawn's (dawndalon's) house!
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Hi girlz!

Damn... I wish I came there... I had a great night at the Lab though... but after... jesus... frickin drivin around... trying to find something to do in T.O. sucks... you would think there's a lot to do here... but there's not.. I'd rather be chillin at Dawns house too... all this beer at my house an nowhere to drink it but ... well... HERE!



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Last night was awesome!! I had so much fun and I'm so happy that everyone came out to support the new night. Hopefully things will continue to grow for Dec. 22nd - John E, playin' the old school breaks set.

Thanks everyone, especially the DJs - who all rocked it out. Happy B-Day Robb! Meric you kicked ass, and Jonny you have a long career ahead of you.

Until next time...


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WOW! What a night. I LOVED the venue!

Thanks Leo, Chris & Jen, damn, I should get paid for this shit (hint hint).

All of you MUST come out on Dec. 22nd, that's a threat. Thanks to those that came out last night, you rocked. The breaks scene lives on in Hamilton.



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All I can say is wikkid wikkid night! The venue was sweet...not too big not too small. The crowd and vibe were amazing and the DJs were throwin down some phat beats. Great job Jonny... you surely did not disappoint!!! I think your one of the best up and comers I've seen in a loooong while

All in all I had an excellent time and can't wait to do it all over again!

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Thanx to all who made last nite so fun.
Glad to see so many familliar faces back in Hamilton at a nice tight venue with wikkid beats.
I had fun playin the openning set for Robb and he surely didnt dissapoint aswell. I left early, sorry i missed ur set Eric.

All in all a truely DOPE nite, Looking forward to the John E Ol'skool party on the 22nd with myself and Madhatter

And bigger, better things in the New year.


Happy B-day to Robb


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I had a fucking blast. No worries jonny I'm more sorry I missed yours then you are for missing mine. I keep hearing all these amazing reviews and I have yet to hear a set. But you've been impressing some hard to impress people so I'm gonna have to drag my sorry ass out a little earlier next time
Thanx for havin me down Leo, it was nice to bring out some old school and funkdafied shit for ya. Lookin forward to the next time.