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west side walk-in clinics


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What's up all.

I can't seem to find any info on St' Joe's hospital on the net. Does anyone know if there is a walk in clinic there? If so a phone number or website or hours of operation would be great.

If anyone knows of another close one i'm at Dundas west and Bloor and my girlie's not feeling good so i wanna take her in to get checked out. Her symptoms have bewen going on all week.

I know there is one at Dundas west and Bloor but today of all days is the day there is a sign saying it's closed.

Any help would be great.




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i don't know about st. jo's (that is right across the street from me, so you'd think i'd know)

but there is a walk in clinic on king between university and bay

Doctor's Office The/MCI Medical ClinicsInc - Walk-In & Family Practice - Toronto 416-368-6787

100 King Street West,
Toronto, ON
M5X 1K7


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hey, im right in ya area...

weird, that the place across from Dundas West stn. isn't open...?

well either way, your best bet is St.Joe's. they have an afterhours clinic, that is just about to open at 6:30(i think)..and im sure it'll be open till 9:00 atleast..

thats where i allways go anyways, hopefull im not misleading you.


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Thanks guys. I new i could count on the good hearted tribers. Anyways as soon as she gets home from work were heading down there.


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Well sinus infection is the diagnosis.

Thanks for the get well soon.

thanks for the clinic info.



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Fuck, I almost sidestepped this flu and it hit me today..
Sick twice over the x-mas holidays sucks ass.
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