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west coast


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Ive noticed that most posts deal with Southern Ontario events. Ive lived in BC for over a year now and there doesnt seem to be much going on . . . it's quite sad. Out here we get our usual fix from the Kiss Online breakbeat show (now with Tayo once again) or from the occasional Slim appearance.... Is there any news on the breakbeat scene of the Canadian West Coast? Maybe there are some other people on tribe from BC who have something to say???
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Robb G

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Hey Colm,

In Vancouver Slim, Sodapop and GTM (Hard on Music) used to do a Monday weekly at the Lotus. Fluid and the boys from Pound used to run a Wednesday in Vancouver as well. Both nights ended in the fall and there was talk of amalgamating both nights together but I don' think that has happened yet

The rave promoters in Vancouver book big breaks DJ's but unfourtunetly it's mostly only cheesy Florida DJ's that they bring up.

In Whistler at Tommy Africa's you have Czech's "Soul Kitchen" on Sunday's (going on for some 7 years now) and they bring it an assortment of guests some house some breaks, on Tuesday's they have a "Jungle and Breaks" night with weekly guest's playing the best of .....You guessed it "breaks and jungle". Both nights kick ass.

I see that you are from Victoria; I have played in Victoria about half a dozen times at "Evolution". There used to be a drum and bass night on Thursday's and they would bring in breaks dj 's once a month. That night used to go off!! I'm so sad it ended....$2 drinks all night and a packed little club full of people going crazy. I am supposed to play at a "rave" in Victoria as well sometime this year (they have already paid me the deposit, but they are having venue troubles so the date has changed and I don't know when it will be).

Hope that helps, I know that the upcoming events forum on http://www.loungex.com normally has all the latest info on club nights and events in B.C.

Hope some of this helps,


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thanks much! Ive been to evolution dozens of times, they still have a 'jungle thursday' and drinks are still cheap, but I havent gone for about 3 weeks... ill check out lougex - thanks again! The problem is that Victoria doesnt have a breaks scene at all... there are 'breaks nights' but its usually an excuse to play Top40 badness and speed garage. When you find out where you are playing in Victoria, post the location and Ill try to round up an appreciative audience.


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Empress Street Lounge (ESL)


I have heard through the Grapevine, that kyle pryer, plays at the Empress Street Lounge. His set entails a mixture of Downtempo aswell as Nu School slamming beats. You should check it out some time. .25 cents to get in but you have to Bring your own booze. I think that it is a definite up and coming sign for the breakbeat scene on the west coast, and on Vancouver island for that matter.

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yeah colm,
Sorry to hear the scene is hurtin out west!!!
Hope u will be back to the east sometime this summer so we can party again or i'll be out your way=) Looks like europe is a sure thing now so hopefully will be able to hook up if u do the amsterdam thing!!
Keep it real

p.s. say hi to that Prior dude !!!!!


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saying hi to that prior dude....

is just something I cannot do... I havent heard from him in weeks. I joined this weird hippie cult and sold his 1200's and all his records. Last I saw him he was dressed entirely in hemp and chasing a grizzly bear.

Ive decided im going to Europe no matter what, even if its just for a month.

Colm (as if you hadnt guessed)