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Wesley Clark drops out


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well, he made things interesting....
shoulda ran in Iowa though, would've been more of a factor.
Would love to see him as Sec of State or a national security post.
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Originally posted by Boss Hog

I guess someone took him aside and levelled with him.

"See, Wes, you just aren't rich enough. And, look at your friends...NONE of them are Skull members! None!"
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There was no hope to begin with, Kerry is as big a pawn as GWB, S&B member or not, the people truly running things aren't looking to put a thinker into the oval office.



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Le sigh, I guess we're only left to root for the 'anyone-but-Bush' option. Personally I wasn't that disappointed as I was rooting for Kucinich myself -fully not expecting him to go anywhere, but the ideas he, along with Clarke & Dean got airtime for are important in shaping public opinion regardless of who wins. Kerry is as much a big-money pawn, and disconnected lapdog as Bush, but he's not as dangerous in respect to having a cabinet full of recycled Reaganites & religious fundimentalists running the show -whcih is what REALLY scares me.
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A few of the entertainment elite got behind Clark...I think they became aware of Kerry's S&B connections and horrible track record early on.

All about the anybody-but-Bush vote, the democrats should make it their campaign slogan.

The real question is if Bush is going to make Elizabeth Dole his VP, before or after the election.

And if Kerry is going to pick Hilary to be his running mate.

I think the democrats are letting this election slide...all their money is being saved for getting Hilary elected president for 2008.

My gut feeling anyway.