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Were Vikings the first to use guyliner?


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I brought 3 seasons on Vikings to South Africa with me and I am working my way through it. I don't know why I didn't watch it before this, but better late than never. It has its amazing moments but at other times it totally reminds me of Sons of Anarchy.

Did Vikings actually use guyliner? Is that historically accurate?


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Earliest recorded uses by men and women date to Mesopotamia. I dunno about the Vikings. ...but why not?! ;)


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Apparently this guy doesn't use guyliner

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Why bother raid unless you're going to pillage looking fabulous?

Also the Floki character is a Swede. Ruh-spect.


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Yeah ok fine. Vikings just finished season 4. But it was a split-season, so I was confused. Like FLoki.
That being said, season 4 is the major shit-hits-the-fan season.

what comes next? Who knows. Only time will tell.