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We're Looking for a Senior Application Developer


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We've just started looking for a Senior Application Developer with a focus on mobile and touch technology to join our team. If you or someone you know is interested, please feel free to contact me via jobs at nascentdigital dot com

Who We Are
Nascent is a fast growing consultancy created to build world-class digital experiences. We thrive on taking imaginative ideas and realizing them using the most innovative interface technologies. We are a boutique user experience firm combined with a world-class software consultancy.
We work on the edge of innovation – using the newest technologies to drive amazing user experiences If you are undaunted by a challenge and aren’t afraid to get your hands into the code to solve tough problems, then you’ve got the right mentality.
By hiring the very best and brightest, and offering an opportunity to grow we strive to build a dynamic environment today and providing incentives for future achievement.

The Opportunity
• The Senior Application Developer will be responsible for creating rich mobile and web applications using emerging mobile technologies, including: Objective C / Cocoa Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android etc.
• Working directly with customers to execute on a pre-determined concept.
• Work with fellow development team members to define best practices and design patterns.
• Work with the User Experience team to bring next generation interfaces to life.

The Responsibilities
• Collaborate with Senior Architects and Developers to ensure the right technologies are selected, and that the best architecture and design practices are employed.
• Work with the User Experience team and customer to translate business and marketing goals into the best software solutions for our business.
• Develop expert-level knowledge of emerging technologies and bring new ideas on how to better leverage them to the team.
• Significantly influence project strategy and direction.

Knowledge & Skills • Working knowledge of object-oriented programming and design patterns.
• Minimum 3 years experience programming mobile applications.
• Ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies under the mentorship of the Principal Architect.
• Strong software design communication skills. (Ability to communicate one's ideas through their design).
• A passion for technology and software development and an ability to quickly learn and apply new technologies.
• Excellent presentation skills & and attention to detail.
• Team player who can commit to and meet deadlines.
• A bachelor degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
• An understanding of different software development methodologies/paradigms would be a definite plus.

This is a full-time opportunity. Forward resumes to jobs at nascentdigital dot com