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We're all doomed! DOOMED!!!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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you also forgot to mention the vicious sandstorms in china


mother nature is fighting back.........expect major devastating weather related problems this year...........

Subsonic Chronic

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Mother nature is definitely pissed. First there was cancer.

Cancer is simply mother nature's way of telling us to stop fucking with shit.

Look at what causes cancer: everything man-made. We didn't get skin cancer until we put a hole in the ozone layer. Car emissions, processed food, cigarettes, aspartame, are all carcinogens.



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That’s the beauty of it, Despite all the bickering. None of it makes a lick of difference. We get line - as a species - or we don’t.

If we don’t, mother will shake us off like a bad rash, chill for a bit and then carry on.
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That’s the beauty of it, Despite all the bickering. None of it makes a lick of difference. We get line - as a species - or we don’t.

If we don’t, mother will shake us off like a bad rash, chill for a bit and then carry on.
if you believe in a sky fairy you will be saved as long as you donate money, god needs money and likes on facebook....you better fucking be pious or the ever forgiving god will fucking let you burn in hell

I used to cop a lot but never copped no drop
Hold mics like pony tails tied in bobbalobs
Stop and stick around, come through and dig the sound
Of the fly brown 6-0 sicko psycho who throws his dick around
Bound to go three-plat, came to destroy rap
It's a intricate plot of a b-boy strap
Femstat cats get kidnapped
Then release a statement to the press, let the rest know who did that
Metal Fist terrorists claim responsibility
Broken household name usually said in hostility
Um... what is MF? You silly

I'd like to take "Means to the End" for two milli'
"Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!" That's a audio daily double
Rappers need to fall off just to save me the trouble, yo
Watch your own back came in and go out alone, black
Stay in the zone—turn H2O to Cognac

On Doomsday!, ever since the womb ‘til I'm back where my brother went, that's what my tomb will say
Right above my government; Dumile
Either unmarked or engraved, hey, who's to say?

I wrote this one in B.C. D.C. O-section
If you don't believe me, go get bagged and check then
Cell number 17, up under the top bunk

I say this not to be mean, wish bad luck or pop junk
Pop the trunk on Cee Cipher Punk, leave him left scraped
God forbid, if there ain't no escape, blame MF tape
Definition "super-villain": a killer who love children
One who is well-skilled in destruction, as well as building
While Sidney Sheldon teaches the trife to be trifer
I'm trading science fiction with my man the live lifer
A pied piper holler a rhyme, a dollar and a dime
Do his thing, ring around the white collar crime

Get out my face, askin' ‘bout my case, need toothpaste
Fresher mint, monkey-style nigga get dentadent
And dope fiends still in they teens, shook niggas turn witness
Real mens mind their own business
That's the difference between sissy-pissy rappers that's double-dutch
How come I hold the microphone double-clutch

C.O.'s make rounds, never have ‘ox found
On shakedown, lock-down,
wet dreams of Fox' Brown

On Doomsday!
Ever since the womb ‘til I'm back where my brother went
That's what my tomb will say
Right above my government; Dumile
Either unmarked or engraved, hey, who's to say?

Ever since the womb ‘til I'm back to the essence
Read it off the tomb
Either engraved or unmarked grave, who's to say?

Pass the mic like "Pass the peas like they used to say"
Some M-er F-ers don't like how Sally walk
I'll tell y'all fools it's hella cool how ladies from Cali talk
Never let her interfere with the Yeti ghetto slang
Nicknames of nimble and tip of nipple metal fang
Known amongst hoes for the bang-bang
Known amongst foes for flow without no talking orangutans
Only gin and Tang
Guzzled out a rusty tin can, me and this mic is like yin and yang
Clang! Crime don't pay, listen, youth
It's like me holding up the line at the kissing booth
I took her back to the truck, she was uncouth
Spittin' all out the sunroof, through her missing tooth

But then she has a sexy voice, sound like Jazzy Joyce
So I turned it up faster than a speeding knife
Strong enough to please a wife
Able to drop today's math in the 48 keys of life
Cut the crap far as rap
Touch the mic, get the same thing a Arab will do to you for stealing
What the Devil? He's on another level
It's a word! No, a name! MF - the Super-Villain!
Needs more all caps

Hoe Cakes


[Beatboxing is heard through the entire song]

[MF Doom]
I got this girl and she wants me to duke Her
I told her I'd come scoop her around 8, she said "Super!"
that sounds great, shorty girl's a trooper
no matter what I need her to do, she be like "Super!"
own his own throne, the boss like King Koopa
on the microphone he flossed the ring "Super!
average emcees is like a TV blooper
MF DOOM...hes like D.B. Cooper
out wit the moolah, I let her get a outfit
jus to cool her off she said niggaz ain't about shit
I wonder if she meant it, I doubt it
the way it be in her mouth, she can't live witout it
and can't live with this, handle yo bidness
villain'll stay on a scandalous hoes shit list
one pack of cookies please Mr. Hooper
its fun smackin rookies, he is the "Super!"
look like a black wookie when he let his beard grow
weirdo, brown skin'ded always kept his hair low
rumor has it its a S-curl accident
DOOM was always known to keep the best girls backs bent
some say its the eyes, some say the accent
a lotta guys wonder where they stacks went
I call her thunder thighs, with the fatty swolla
only mess wit high rollas, do what daddy told her
no matter the city she with me to do the thang thang
work in the coochie, hooptie chitty chitty bang bang
same name on the titty as on the name ring
pretty like Baby D off "all in the same gang"
keep my eye on her really don't trust her
but I treat her like a daughter, taught her how to bust a nut
and the heat to turn beef to horsemeat chalupa
teach her how to hold it, of course he is the "Super!"
see most cats treat her like foofer
or beat her to a stupor, take it from the "Super!"
ya need to make her feel cuter
and lay down the G like Luther, everythin'll be "Super!"
do for her, keep her in a new fur
so she look sweet when she go to meet the "Super!"
got the buddha get the Grenadiers, twist it
put it in the air, come 'ere, kiss it
listen here scooter, let her try to bag you
when she's on the rag never let her fry the Ragu
which will have you under some type of spell crying "dag boo"
her name on ya back in her tattoo
whether a bourgie broad, nerd hoe, street chick
don't call her wifey if you met her at the freaknick
you don't want her don't waste her time, I'll dupe her
oh and be a father to ya child like the "Super!"
he keep his hoes in check
sends 'em out to get glows from off frozen necks
tell 'em take his clothes, leave him posin nekkid for real
better yet, get 'em for the check off the record deal
find out where he keep the tek an the blue steel
make sure for extra wreck let 'em know how you feel
and while he's runnin down to all star weekend to ball
I'm comin with the U-HAUL!(Super!)
(..Super!) (...Super!)

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For some reason this reminds me of a roulette board. Apparently the white lines are where the space station is going to crash. It's south of us!



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Google Duplex’s conversations sound natural thanks to advances in understanding, interacting, timing, and speaking.
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