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Well Designed Websites


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I'm trying to get a bunch of examples of really good websites. By good I mean well designed, ground breaking, ease of use, visuals, etc. What sites have you been impressed with of late?

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I suppose I should dredge up some stuff.

For the boxy blog look (be sure to try different sections here):

...and. You know. I should have more. But I went through about 30 links and couldn't find any I would recommend for their aesthetic. I don't even like boxy stuff that much. Oh well.
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I really like Misstress B's new site (well it's not that new anymore I guess) - except for the intro, that's a major pain.

very clean looking, nice use of pics and images, flash isn't overwhelming (except for the intro as I said)


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Even though his content has gone to shit as late (well, if you like tits and ass - I suppose its OK), I've always been impressed with ForgetFoo

His use of "AJAX" type things in his blog works really well - it actually adds usability to the site and done for more than just 'flash' factor.

Also may want to check out sites like CSS Import. Theres a few other 'gallery' of good websites around, but I forget their names/address off the top of my head.

Housers Photoblog is also pretty slick. His photos tend to be pretty damn good - toss it in with a nice gallery and easy navigation with a smattering of Ajax and buzz-word complaintness - and its nice.

DarkEye is pretty neat also - and you'll also find links to all sorts of other websites while digging around this one. A description of DarkEye...

DarkEye was born back in June 2005. Beginning life as several experiments in .NET / AJAX and for some reason seemed to merge into the concept you see before you. What’s special about DarkEye is its ability to venture off to your submitted URL instantly and pullback your design and sites details.
It’s a new approach. It's all about what’s happening now, and allows the opinions of the collective to drive a sites success or failure. But I think its best you explore for yourselves. Build your own favourites gallery, submit your own site, it all happens right in front of you. It’s even got some nifty palette search and statistics features.

I also really like Content With Style - I like their layout/graphics and all around look. Just wish their content was updated more often :)

... all I can think of for now, but I know I have alot more links floating around somewhere....
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<shameless self plug>
www.shopvogue.com - i just spent the last 6 weeks staring at this design (while coding it up) and i'm not totally sick of it so it must be alright. design was by organic in new york - code / interface architecture by my little company - area 40 concepts - www.a40c.com
</shameless self plug>
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VinylRach said:
Don't be shitty. he is not.

Just being a ass.

btw. So am I

I have to agree Luke Fair's new site is killer. I guess he got some dude from Italy to design it. Usually I am not a huge fan of flash these days but it is designed really well. Too bad he didnt keep the original set from footwork on it.
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