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Welcome to your Carlsberg years


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I bought one jug and 3 250ml can x6 packs of Low-Sodium Fibre Enriched V8 juice from WalMart last week.

Top that I ask you.


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lol I can definitely contribute to this:

When i'm at work I look forward to getting home and putting on my PJ's
my wardrobe has about 80% WalMart gear
My idea of excitement is making dinner
Closing thing I get to physical activity is walking the dog


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oh yeah, and I too stocked up on V8, bought the case of 24 from costco, this is like the third time too


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it's the carlsberg itself that is telling me i'm in my carlsberg years. not too long ago i could tie one on, wake up and shake it off and be drinking within the hour. now i'm out of commission for like 2 days.
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Subsonic Chronic

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I'd be surprised if there were more than 3 days in the past month where I stayed up past midnight, including NYE.

I'm taking soft core to new levels.

BAd Luck

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I went to the beer store in trackpants and undone construction boots
ohhh yeah! I went and done did that!
+1 commando.
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  • I've started taking dumps a work....that never happened during my 20's.
  • I bring slippers to my friends and family's houses now.
  • I too am grunting alot


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when i get to work, i take off my jacket and boots, and put on my sweater and shoes. when i leave work, i take off my sweater and shoes, and put on my jacket and boots. won't you be my neighbour?
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i find my tummy gets upset more frequently, and i never had issues with acid reflux until recently..

i cant take a hangover like i used to

i drink more scotch now, and less rum and cokes

i prefer sears socks (bags with 10 pairs), rather than buying a fufu pair for $20..

grunting and aching seems to be getting more regular by the day, and cold damp days are the worst..

girls gone wild lost its luster

i miss old school rave days
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I just started my second run through university. As a 24 year old in classes full of 20 year olds, I feel YOUNG again!

Boss Hog

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drinking Carlsberg sends the message to the world that you've given up on life because you're old and no one has taken you out by the barn yet.
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