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Welcome Back Smiley Jo!!!!


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Yes yes, Probly the cutsest, nicest, most innocent girl ;) is back from vacation!!!!

Give it up for Joanna!! yaaaaaaaay!!

I know im not the only one who missed her :)


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Yes, welcome back :p.

P.S. Jonny ... have you been ripping photos off my website again? *ahem*.

-- Jay aka Fut
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Smiley Jo

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Thanks everyone!
This is the sweetest welcome back I could have!
(Thx Jonny! ;) )
Missed you all tons!

Madrid was pretty cool!
The weather was sunny everyday, there were patios everywhere, the cars were all so cute and little, and the funniest thing was that everyday they closed all the stores between 2 and 5 for "siesta"... Fer real!

Highlight of the vacation was by far the trip to Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix. It was so wikked to see the race live, I can't even explain the sound of the engines and how freakin fast these guys were going.

I've got a few pics to post from James' digital camera, but I have to figure out how to compress the files. They are tooooo big to upload or send. (Anyone?)

It is good to be back though, especially seeing as my apartment is no longer a big pile of dirt. *cheers* Plus I think i've heard enough UK Hard House (they call it "Techno-Trance" there) to do me for quite awhile. Plus never again will I go somewhere when I can't speak the language. It's super frustrating.

Thanks for the welcome back wishes.
Jonny, you're a doll, hope last night was fun!
JIB, sorry no souvenir, the muffins were just not up to par there. Got a whole bunch of flyer in spanish tho!
Pete, got some F1 pics for ya!
Moez, *hug* hope your recital went well!
Jay, think i've drank enough red wine to be ready for the next wine tasting.
Rosey, yes see you Saturday, i've been dying for some good beats.
terrawrist III, I was in Madrid hun! Nice to hear from ya!
Matt, I'll see you at Milanos' tonight!

<-- bet you all missed this guy even more.. *giggle*

Is it time to drink yet?
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Hey jo!!!

welcome back!!!!!

gimme a shout when you get a free second.

see ya this weekend!

PS: i got some good news for ya



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the whole city of toronto was less cute when she was gone. i nominate her for "the cutest person ever" award.......