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Weirdest story you'll read today:

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by todiefor, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. todiefor

    todiefor TRIBE Promoter

    Life in the burbs ... crazy shit happens out there in the land of garages.

    A 32-year-old Mississauga man says he and his girlfriend were drugged and sexually assaulted during a bewildering and frightening night at a stranger’s apartment.

    In often emotional testimony in a Brampton court Tuesday, the man described bits and pieces from his still-cloudy memory of the night of Feb. 8-9, 2009, including some out-of-character flashbacks.

    He said he was confused and didn’t understand his bizarre feelings and paranoia, or the strange way his girlfriend was acting.

    “I figured they were drugging me and raping (the girlfriend),” he said.

    “I was in and out of it. Drugged is the best word I can use. I couldn’t react to anything ... I had no proof. But I knew something was going on that was really bad.”

    The identities of the victims and witnesses are protected by a court-ordered ban.

    David Vant, 39 and his wife, Marcia, 30, are accused of drugging and sexually assaulting the couple. The Vants befriended them earlier at a Mississauga restaurant, claiming another man drugged them and they had “saved” them.

    The Vants are also accused of trying to procure the woman into working as a prostitute and administering a noxious substance to the man’s female cousin, who went to the apartment with her 6-month-old child after being called there during the night.

    When the man tried to leave with his girlfriend, the Vants tried to stop him, he testified, adding he wanted to fight but didn’t.

    His frightened girlfriend whispered into his ear that he would be hurt if he didn’t leave without her, he said.

    “She said just go. They’re going to kill you. They’re going to hurt you. They only want me,” the man testified.

    Among his flashbacks were his girlfriend and Marcia Vant kissing intimately, he testified. “I was enjoying watching it but in the back of my mind I was wondering what was going on.”

    His girlfriend and Marcia frequently went back and forth into the bedroom, he said, adding his girlfriend emerged wearing different tight-fitting outfits.

    The women also danced provocatively, their grinding movements captured on his cellphone video and shown to the court. He had no memory of taking the video until he discovered it a few days later.

    He also recalled exchanging cheek kisses with David Vant. “I remember that a------ kissing me. I kissed him back,” he said.

    They drank several beers and listened to music. He said he felt strange and unable to do anything, including reacting when David put his girlfriend in a head lock and punched her on the forehead during a pillow fight.

    “I started laughing ... I thought it was pretty funny,” he said, adding he didn’t know why. “Normally, anybody hits my girl in the head they’re getting it right back.”

    Court heard they met the Vants earlier at a Mississauga restaurant after initially talking with another stranger, identified as Kent. The Vants convinced them Kent was trying to drug them.

    “Marcia said she was a nurse. We trusted them. Dave said he saved us. We’re good people.”

    The man said he drove the Vants home, where he and his girlfriend vomited after drinking dark orange tea with a salty taste.

    “Marcia said it would make us feel better,” he said. She also “hand fed” him rice, again saying it would make him feel better.

    He testified he fell asleep with his girlfriend lying on top of him, telling him “protect me.” He awoke alone on the couch, his shirt off and pants unzipped.

    He said he “freaked out” and went looking for his girlfriend, finding her in the Vants’ bed with Marcia lying beside her.

    In the late afternoon on Feb. 9, he left his girlfriend with Marcia in the apartment and went with David to get a phone card. He fled when David left his vehicle and then made an emotional 911 call.

    He took police to the Vants’ apartment but his girlfriend told them she was friends with them. Police took them home but his girlfriend refused to let him touch or comfort her. They barely talked.

    “I feel as if they took something from me,” he testified, fighting his emotions. “I can’t explain it. Even until this day it hasn’t come back.”

    He and his girlfriend were tested in hospital for sexually transmitted diseases the next day.

    The trial continues.
  2. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    That is one of the most confusing account of facts I have ever read. I thought he believed he had to fight to leave, but then he went to get a phone card with the dude?
  3. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

  4. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    here's something to go on the movie's soundtrack:

  5. Dirty Girl

    Dirty Girl TRIBE Member

    yes that is definately the weirdest story I will read today.
  6. Krzysiu

    Krzysiu TRIBE Member

    sounds like a good weekend.
  7. The Watcher

    The Watcher TRIBE Member

    GHB is one hell of a drug
  8. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    exactly what i was thinking.

    * shakes head *

    never go with <insert random name here> to a second location !

  9. todiefor

    todiefor TRIBE Promoter

    that's what kind of throws me as much as anything. I put myself in that situation, even if i met some people i think are cool, the let's go back to my place is probably not going to happen. soudns like these two learned a tough lesson. then again, i feel like i just read a scene from a irvine welsh story and don't really know what to believe other than something fucked up definitely went down.
  10. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    yeah i hear you.

    like i was thinking the same as you, meet a couple of cool people at a party, it ends, hey what are you guys doing, and then, WHAM they G you and rape you !!!!!!

    like wtf, its not like you dont know who they are ???

    to me this seems very bold and the chances of it happening become alot slimmer, but still !!!


  11. Octive Shift

    Octive Shift TRIBE Member

  12. Snuffy

    Snuffy TRIBE Member

    Oh I miss being a target for this kinda stuff. When I was in my early 20s, I met these other three cute young dudes outside the Barn. And then we all met a creepy older guy, but he had a shitload of coke that he was sharing, so we all went to his place.

    The lines were great, but his advances were making me really uncomfortable, so I left. The other three stayed. I remember all of them sprawled on his bed, with ugly dude, and them all kinda rubbing against each other. Despite the awkward feel ups and obvious near rape situation, it was SoOooO hard to leave!!!

    I haven't been in that kind of situation ever since I lost my hair and got old.
  13. Bacchus

    Bacchus TRIBE Promoter

    saw the vice show on that, and it scared the shit out of me. he wouldnt remember anything if it was that...no?
  14. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    That stuff seems totally nuts, but something tells me the coherent zombie accounts are somewhat exaggerated.
  15. Fillmore

    Fillmore TRIBE Member

    That is definitely GHB. A few years ago my fiance and I hit a bar with a very attractive single friend who kept having drinks purchased for her. She would take some and leave some. My fiance and I ended up sharing one of the drinks and within a half hour we were feeling exactly the way the guy describes above.
  16. Thunder

    Thunder TRIBE Member

  17. skin deep

    skin deep TRIBE Member

    Yeah man, I saw that a little while ago and was amazed. The best part is when they show the car, just incredible.
  18. diablo

    diablo TRIBE Member

    The city never sleep, but it slip you an Ambien
    When you're in Sau-GA!!...
  19. defazman

    defazman TRIBE Member

    I'm in the burbs and I can't even find that kind of action.
  20. todiefor

    todiefor TRIBE Promoter

    that sounds like some crazy shit. i could only find the first two parts of the video. but i'd like to see the rest. crazy scary stuff.
  21. Kinger

    Kinger TRIBE Member

    Tiger knows where it's at.
  22. Aerius Zension

    Aerius Zension TRIBE Member

    So are they. Perhaps you are Meg Griffon.
  23. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    oh man that dog fucking wins!
  24. Bacchus

    Bacchus TRIBE Promoter

  25. unique2100

    unique2100 TRIBE Promoter

    I dunno I could see where he was coming from. It's hot in that country. It's sticky, coupled with longs days, hearing all those stories would be enough to make your stomach sick. Then sitting around a tiny shitty room doing nothing but looking out over the city. With some fucked up drug and a camera crew; just stewing over taking it or not. In a foreign place It'd be a pretty good head fuck, especially when you're exhausted.

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