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WeGoDeep w/ Andy Caldwell @ Century Room


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Wicked night.

Totally wasn't what i was expecting from Andy, but he rocked it proper! He more on an electro tip, but still had that deep goodness that we are all familiar with. So good! Mr. Jive set the tone nicely to get everyone movin, good job brotha! I wish i could remember the name of that one track that i was freakin' over....

I also have to add... the space was jammed with hot, hot ladies!

All in all, the event went down with huge success!! Kudos to Carey for throwing another great jam!!

Can't wait for WeGetFunky....


P.S. Jeremy, did you get your ass-herpes situation fixed yet? :p


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Agreed, it was more minimal-ish, Andy dropped some solid tracks from the German scene...basslines had me moving big time...Solid night indeed, place was jammed with nice girls, no doubt...Andy's impressed me everytime, looking forward to more from WeGoDeep. Carey and Jive, good work...


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Thanks to everyone that showed there support...it was definitely a huge success last night and I look forward to working with Century Room in the future. The perfect mix of dancing and social vibes and good tunes all around...Andy dropped some really dirty beats and played some really forward thinking music! I had a great time and it was great to meet some of you tribers for the first time...Jessica and Mel especially. :)

I look forward to seeing you at the next WeGoDeep...I will be dropping the details soon for Octobers event...keep an eye out over the coming weeks.

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Jeremy Jive

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That was another great night. It's what I come to expect with any event that Carey puts on. Each and every time I've had the opportunity to play for Carey, everything is top notch. I got there early and it was the first time I'd been to Century Room. What a great venue and the booth was set up perfectly. Nicely perched in the middle of the room so you can see everything. The sound was great for a club of it's size. The crowd filled in really nicely just after 11 and the place was rammed full by the time Andy went on just after 12:30

Andy set was definitely something to be heard. More on the dirty electro tip than anyone was expecting but it included a nice blend of the deep and west combined with the funky electro. He ended the night off properly by throwing down a few 80s tracks straight up. No remixs, just the originals nicely blended.

Everyone was dancing, the booze were flowing and good times were had. Great to see many familiar faces hanging out in Careys booth. I can't wait to be back again. Hopefully I won't have to hear about Mischiefs ass-herpes that he got from a dirty toilet. Way too much info ;)

Thanks to Carey for being a great host and Toronto's best promoter and for having me as your resident.

jeremy -we'vegonedeep- jive

Big Boss

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I would consider myself a huge Century Room regular, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout this past Friday. I like when Carey and Ralf Madi collaborate because the party is awesome...(ie Boa in the good ol' days, etc). The crowd was a melting pot of people, from the people who came to support Carey, the Bay Street rollers, the Century regulars, etc. Interesting to see them all mesh on the dance floor and on the patio outside.

I didn't expect the electro (but I'm a fan of that sound) so it worked fine for me...

Big Cheese

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Originally posted by JAR
polska, where you at?!
wasn't there, thats' for damn sure

i already shot off a letter to those who needed to know about why i didn't rep the party, and they've taken care of it right quick

basically to make the long short of it, i got static from some cheesedick doorman trying to get in. totally unnecessary and flat out rude and i ain't gonna beg to get into that club so fuck that jazz

nonetheless, won't see my face there ever again, the end.

didn't really want to piss on the thread and i hope the powers that be bust some balls because apparently i wasn't the only one @ the door getting let up n' down by some picky staff.