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WeGoDeep Vs. WeGetFunky


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Never heard Papp live....not looking forward to his return...no theme or enthusiasm in his set...to be honest...the set was 85% shit!!...beginning had some good tracks but it just got lost from there on...

Youngman turned the vibe right around...got the crowd dancin right away and dropped some great tracks...we need him down more often...hint hint

Maybe it's just me, but the crowd was fuckin' weird tonite....appeared to be a lot of newbies who had no clue of what was going on...

But that's just my opinion.

BTW...Papp sucked ass soo bad, it compelled me to write this thread....



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i gotta agree furacao, even though i actually came out for papp. joey youngman had some great music in his record bag. mischief & frankie too. lots of nice heavy drops. i thought papp should have played his stronger stuff a lot sooner.


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lol, I thought the party was killer.

Jeremy, Papp, and Youngman all played great. I thought the vibe was amazing, laughs all around.

And all just a walk down the street, solid venue with good looking crowd.

Sleeper hit of the year so far for me. lol

the Doctor

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^^ Good looking crowd indeed :D

I too had a fantastic time. Came just in time to catch a half hour of Jeremy's set and then left early-ish after dancing for a solid 3 hours or so. Even my sister - who's not much into the scene was lovin the vibe and the tunes.

Nice to see so many people out, being that I get out so rarely myself these days ;)


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Yeah, Papp's stuff was easy groovy stuff, but it didn't get the crowd going the way Youngman's set did. As soon as he got on I just went "ooooooh yeah!!!" and pushed my body to dance with every shred of energy I had. (Did you see me? I was the girl up at the front with the dark hair in a ponytail and white tank rolled up and tucked up under her bra.) F&M were wicked and just kept it going.

Too bad that my body was hating me last night. I wish I could have danced more but by around 3or 3:30am my body completely quit on me and all I could do was sit down and watch the crowd. (I'd dance, get winded, then start to feel nauseous. :( )

Thanks to Carey for putting on a wicked party, as always. Can't wait for DJ Sneak's Bday Bash at the old Boa space!

Roy, what time did you end up leaving? I'm so glad you came out with us!


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Originally posted by xtollo
lol, I thought the party was killer.

Jeremy, Papp, and Youngman all played great. I thought the vibe was amazing, laughs all around.

And all just a walk down the street, solid venue with good looking crowd.

Sleeper hit of the year so far for me. lol
I never caught Jeremy's set...but he's usually on point...one of the best locals IMO...

I'm gonna have to disagree with the "good looking crowd" part...there was just waaaaay too much cock in there to make a statement like that...

Sleeper hit of the year so far for me. lol [/B][/QUOTE]

I hope you're kidding??
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hey, Jess! I left a little after 4 when Mischief & Frankie were still going strong. Looking fwd to more fun nights out soon.


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although I was sick and was nursing (slight) hangovers from Friday and Saturday night, I had a great time on Sunday. I thought Papp was good (conflicting what people here have written) and imo he played a good set to open (for lack of a better word) for Joey Youngman.

as for Joey Youngman, I was feeling the last part of his set more than the first part. it's not that I thought he was awful, his mixing was on point and the music was good, I just thought that the second half had more feeling to it... make any sense??

anyhow... it was good to see some familiar faces and to meet some new ones.

Don C

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I thought Papp played well, although I was there more for the funky than for the deep. He started to chunk it up nicely towards the end of his set I thought.

Joey Youngman was wicked - no disappointment there. Great tracks and good mixing. High energy set from this young guy, and you could tell he was having fun.

Many thanks to WeGo for bringing this guy to T.O.!

Jeremy Jive

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That was a good time. Mod Club is a really great venue. The perfect size and friendly staff. The sound was even better than I thought it was.

Not sure what is up with the naysayers going on about Julius. I thought he once again proved he is the man. Perfectly on point with his mixing. I expected a little bit more drums but it seems the trend with San Fran guys is not to play what you are producing. After he came off he told me he had a great time but found it really hard to read and figure out our crowd. Couldn't nail down what they wanted to hear. It seemed everyone wanted something different than the person next to them.

Joey Youngman put the nail in the coffin on his debate. Anyone still think he is 'last year'? Joey is definitely this year and probably many more to come.

The crowd stuck around until well after bar hours and made it a great party. Thanks to Carey for putting together another amazing event and for letting me be a part of it.

jeremy -iGoDeep- jive


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Thanks to all who supported! I got the chance to meet some of you for the first time which was cool...and others I planned to meet for the first time I missed. :-( Maybe next time. Thanks to Alex for stopping by...it was great to see you and I would love to check out the pictures. :)

It was definitely a more mature crowd and the music was exactly what "We" promised...a blend of Deep and Funky. Jeremy Jive did a great job at opening it up and setting the tone. People walked in and went straight to the dance floor to get their groove on. I loved the Kaskade remix of Morales "Here I am" what a dope record...and by the looks of it everyone was enjoying it early in the night.

Julius was brilliant as well. He started off really deep, groovy, and sexy and built his set up to a point where he was chunky, funky, and even a bit dirty! ;-) His last record was my favourite and it turns out that it is something that he is working himself called "Chicago Tribute." Watch out for this one.

Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a chance to hear Joey as I had to take Julius back to the hotel shortly after Joey started his set...but I hear that he really got the dance floor pumpin.

When I got back around 3 AM Mischief and Frankie were rocking it...these cats have some mad records in there bags. Nice and techy with a funky edge...I am willing to bet many of you that missed it would have eaten it up. I left around 4 am and there were still 150 heads bouncin up and down on the dance floor!

All in all a really good night another step in the right direction.

Thanks again to those of you in attendance...the support is appreciated. To the rest of you...I am sure I will be seeing you very shortly. Lots of great things coming up and you can count on more.

- Carey

P.S. I did take a few pics myself but because I was so busy I didn't get many. I will try to get them up over the next few days.


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I'll speak for many of the non-tribers when I say that this party was much needed and much enjoyed. What I've been told by many is that there are not many places that play house music the way it was played that night. I have to agree with that.

I really enjoyed the Deep DJ's (Jeremy Jive and Julius Papp) as they did what they do best. It was a great introduction to what was to come.

This was also my first time listening to Joey Youngman. Great guy and DJ. I enjoyed his set as there were alot of tracks that I have never heard and was enjoying some of his new productions.

I'd like to personally thank everyone who stayed for our set and ripped up the dancefloor. I didn't think that it would be opened until 5am because the crowd started thinning out a bit at around 3am. But the crowd stayed and it got rowdy!! Mischief and I had a blast playing for everyone so thanks again for the support.

Thanks Carey for hosting this event. There are alot of good things coming from this cat.

Pics from Mod Club

See you all at Sneak's.