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weekly events???


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what are the weekly dnb events in toronto...i'm new to town and only know of causeNeffect.......is bodyroc still on??.



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causeneffect not nuff? :)

yeah body roc is on tuesdays now.

milano on sundays

there are a bunch of other small nites...

Nebu kad

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what is the definitive list these days?

i know of (if they still run)

tempaural wednesdays at the blue moon
spectrum thursdays at labyrinth lounge

an event that seems to be the next "chicks digit"...?

Nasa used to have a drum n bass night.

what else?


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Originally posted by Nebu kad
spectrum thursdays

"drum'n'bass for intelligent neural stimulation" ....haha.. youre right: definitely a chicks nite :)

oh, and is there still dnb at audiowerks on wednesdays? i havent been there in ages..
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There's also a couple of other nights....

There's tunes at the Bluemoon (725 queen e.), put on by Tempaural.
And Sundays has the Sunday Rollout (270 adelaide w.), resurrected by Medicine Muffin and Chase.


DJ Red Lion

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Wednesday @ Limelight

Starting May 15th and every Wednesday after (weather permitting.) Myself and DJ Kinetic will be spinning old and new hip-hop/jungle, DnB on the patio at Limelight Nightclub. Alongside the best in breaks on the 3rd Floor with rotating residents, cheap drinks and cheap cover.

DJ Red Lion

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Turbo Fridays

DnB Productions is hosting a Drum and Bass night on Fridays @ Turbo. Special guest DJ Trace May 10th. Rotating residents representing numerous styles and crews. 2.50 drinks all night too.


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sundays = milanos & the up and down
tuesday = body roc @ system
wednesday = limelight
thursday = the living room & nasa
friday = mersini's & turbo

that is my list. there are usually a few one off's every now and then at places like bside and such.