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What's up for this weekend?

Friday - going for my first suishi experience
Saturday - class, then bustin out to Montreal for Mutek with elektron!!
Sunday - Piknic elektronic with Hawtin, Magda, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle and Ricardo Villalobos!! Possibly Parking or another party after that, we'll see where the afternoon takes us :D
Monday - muchly needed day off, but I have to go to class in the evening
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probably can't resist catching some of the phil weeks madness at footwork but otherwose take it easy with fatty.


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thursday- perhaps IV for some Dnb.. but probably just snuggle with the one like Chiclet.. teachers college in Buffalo keeps stealing her

friday - MixedBag @ College St. Bar! FUNKY BREAKS w/ DAVE SADDLER!! woo

saturday - sisters BBQ, >>>>>>>>>>>MIF!!!

look out toronto, cuz Shuga Shane is back from O town!
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Friday...Movie Premier
Saturday...BOAT CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!
SUNDAY: REcoup and having a stoner screening of Its all gone Pete Tong at my house (who the F*$k HASN'T SEEN THAT MOVIE?? BLASPHEMY!)


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Friday: have a backyard patio party at my house
Saturday: do gardening and yard work
Sunday: go to Bark In The Park with my doggie

Hurry up weekend!
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i can't believe how many events are going on this weekend that i had NO idea about until yesterday.



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My last night of school tonight!

For the weekend...
More wine on the deck, more wine on the deck, go see teh Dukes at Make it Funky...
More wine on the deck!


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tomorrow - sweet house @ IV Lounge
fri - mixed bag and possible a trip to TIL
sat - make it funky
sunday - dunno


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I almost said 'nothing' but then I remembered two things:

1- It's my birthday on Sunday
2- Sunday/Monday are holidays here because of Pentecost
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Thursday: friends arrive from Barbados for 1 1/2 weeks to stay with us. Maybe go out for drinks (IV Lounge might be an option since it is close), maybe too tired to do anything but drink at home.

Friday: pretend to get some work done from home, show them around the city. Dinner and drinks somewhere.

Saturday: I'm sure at some point they'll want to check out the gaybourhood (the gay population in Barbados isn't exactly the biggest). So do that and either Elmo or Footwork later.

Sunday: more Toronto exploring and more drinking.


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Tonight: CNTM party to cheer on our friend! :) Something about Kazoo showing up at said party in a ballgown and looking fabulous? :p

Tomorrow: LAST DAY AT THIS JOB! whee! No big plans. Except for grinning widely.

Friday: Quiet dins in Oakville with a very pregnant pal.

Saturday: Maybe the Island during the day? Then off to pick the rental units up from the airport in the pm and an overnight stay in the Hammer.

Sunday: Baby visit! :D And packing for week in Vancouver.


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Thursday - Jelo @ Beba

Friday - This is London

Saturday - Work, then move, then Gallery

Sunday - Move fully into new pad! :D


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friday - mixed bag
sat - MIF(isnt lawler this weekend too? if so, then off to lawler in the am)
sunday - die a slow death on the couch
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basketballjones said:
friday - mixed bag
sat - MIF(isnt lawler this weekend too? if so, then off to lawler in the am)
sunday - die a slow death on the couch

Lawler is June 10th. Or the 11th am, if you're like me and are just going for the sunrise portion of the set.


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mingster said:
meh. djs bore my nuts off lately.

my goal this weekend is to get laid.

Come with me to see my sister's band play on Friday! No DJs, and maybe we can help you reach your goal :p and me too
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