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Weekend Thread!

Temper Tantrum

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Week's half over. What are your plans for this weekend?

Friday: Dinner , Bar, Stereo, Aria for Armin Van Burren, Yah Yah Yah! :D

Saturday : Study

Sunday: Study

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Friday: Have dinner with Paul Oakenfold
Saturday: Party it up with Tiesto
Sunday: Chilling out with Carl Cox


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my weekend starts now!

tonight- Tonic 4 MoFo's birthday celebrations, Muushka!

Thurday- work, homework, Muushka

Friday- homeork, soemthing, Muushka

Saturday- family stuff

Sunday- Muushka, Muushka, Muushka

;) I miss you baby
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Fri - patio drinking!!!!!!!! (and stay out of trouble)
Sat - more patio drinking!!!!!!! (^^^)
Sun - not sure (but staying out of trouble!!)

that's the plan anyway ;) - weather permitting :)
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Cheeka: What patio will you be drinking on?


Looking to force some trouble on you. :D

Don't worry, I probably won't show up. :p


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Tonight: Some mother fuckers birthday party.

Friday: Madbar! w/ tha rest of tha crew. yea yea.

Saturday: waterloo mayhaps?

Sunday: enjoy the warm weather (knock on wood)

Peace & love. D


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yeah that's the word on the street le bailer... haha

umm I'm not sure where yet Friday - I'm meeting friends up at bathurst/st clair and from there??
Sat - likely Black Bull

but I'll keep you posted :)
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Tonight: Gym then Tonic for some kid's birthday.
Tomorrow: Gym then Survivor!
Friday: MadBar, prolly.
Saturday: Work, then Armin!!!
Sunday: Smoke some weeeeeed.



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ugh everywhere I look people are working out.
I guess its time for me to get with the program (or a program)
the guilt it too much!
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Originally posted by Cheeka
ugh everywhere I look people are working out.
I guess its time for me to get with the program (or a program)
the guilt it too much!

i'm heading to yoga tonite at Fitness One cheeka...when are you guys joining??!!:p

my weekend:
tonite - tonic for sunny's bday
thursday - Face to Face concert with my baby
friday - ?? maybe some mayhem at dan's house
saturday - brunch with my girls from university, queen st adventures with kevin
saturday nite - throw the best engagement party EVAR
sunday - pizza, the couch and simpsons with kevin

basically sun, beer, friends:D:D and maybe some lovin';)

sounds good to me!



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tonight - try to get rid of this monster cold by NOT going out for SUnnys bday :(

thursday - FACE to F*IN FACE :):):)

friday - who knows...

saturday - patio of some sort...then a crazy engagement party @ bside.

sunday - homework

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thursdary - MILANO!!
friday - art show @ Luftgallery (1192 queen west) & mad bar & red square
saturday - relax
sunday - relax


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thursday- milano's and a back2back with finch
friday- red room? then a private party
sat. work all day- spin at the echo party at night..then off to the elements party to see elektra!
sun. work alll fuckin day


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wednesday night-----Tonic
Thursday work
Night-------- Milanos
Friday work
Night-------Dinner out and then Element
Saturday work
Saturday night ----nap and bake cookies and watch movies with a phantom
Sunday------ not too much
maybe some shopping


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Friday -> dentist ( I hate the dentist)
Saturday -> looking for a cheap sublet in g-town for the summer then patio drinkin in my backyard
Sunday -> maxin and relaxin, perhaps some sunday beers also :D


friday - work
saturday - chill with some friends in the evening, then have to flyer, then spend some quality time with someone.
sunday - probably work
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