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Weekend Thread!

Temper Tantrum

TRIBE Member
It's wednesday, which means the weekend has kind of started ;) (well i'm not in school right now, which means it's one GIANT weekend)

So what is everyone up too? And I hope it involves lotsa beer :)



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Sat (daytime) - drive to Toronto
Sat (night) - Element
Sun (daytime) - drive to Hamilton
Sun (evening) - Endless Summer in Hamilton

Vote Quimby

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Tonight - Watch The Two Towers DVD
Tomorrow - BBQ and drinks
Fri - going up North
Sat - staying up North
Sun - return home, nap, go to Summer's End at the guv
Mon - get woken up by the Snowbirds flying ovehead, recover.


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Friday: trance & children (aka the Ascension boat cruise) OR collingwood
Saturday: collingwood
Sunday: collingwood
Monday: collingwood

(notice a trend here? i'm outta this place, fuckers! woo!!)
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OKAY, manda.... I am going to Montreal this weekend. Are you going to Aria in Montreal?

We could try and arrange to meet up earlier than you go out on Saturday?

PM me!!!!



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tonight - go DVD/board game shopping & dinner with my grandfather who I haven't seen in 2 years

thurs - CNE ! CASINO ! and Kang Kuua Supparod Kai for dinner! MMMMMMM.

fri - kadina's fashion show followed by more cne casino action

sat - no idea

sun - no idea

mon - no idea



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Originally posted by Vote Quimby

Mon - get woken up by the Snowbirds flying ovehead, recover.
The Snowbirds are here? Sweet!

Fri - Parks and Wilson/Dave Ralph @ System
Sat - SPOONY D @ System
Sun - Labour of Love
Mon - Afterparty throughout the day
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Friday - Room mate's B-Day. Maybe a house party then I dunno.

Saturday - Taking my three year old nephew to the Ex. How do I post a picture that is saved to my computer? I want to post a pic of my nephew. Can somebody help?!?!?!

Sunday - Breakfest.

Monday - Planche de Roulette sesion, located yet to be determined.


TRIBE Promoter
Thur: Marky and crew @ charlies
Fri: Last ASCENSION ever! Then afterpartying at destiny fridays
Sat: plans on hold (sorry girls)
Sun: Labour of love


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Friday - ??? then university styles house party

Saturday - Back to Peterborough for what shall indeed be a mighty time.

Sunday - Back to Toronto and to the CNE

Monday - The beach!


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friday - nothing
saturday - maybe up north
sunday - maybe lol, maybe element
monday - most likely elevate @ cherry beach
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R - anniversary party
F - cottage
S - cottage
S - day - cottage, eve - TBD
M - most likely the beach

ahhhh. wonderful.




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Originally posted by basic
What is this new R day? Rursday?
okay smartass, R is used as a short form in schedules as both Tuesday and Thursday start with a T.

did you never notice that when picking courses?



Well-Known TRIBEr
Either Thursday night or Friday night I am going to this:

"Short Attention Span Theatre
4 Short Plays About Sexual Tension, Awkwardness and Advances

with sketch comedy by special guests The Naked Eyelid"

Saturday I am hopefully drinking with lovelies lucinda and lok (loving the alliteration)

Sunday I have a BBQ/housewarming party with my old espanola friends. (Here in toronto, not in Espo!)

Monday... someone take me to this beach thing!

dj Red Turtle

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Wed : Play for Activate at Element
Thur : Dunno
Fri : Play at BokChoy on Queen
Sat : Dunno
Sun : Labour of Love for some Bassbin Twins :)
Mon : Recover and chill
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Originally posted by Lysistrata
Sunday I have a BBQ/housewarming party with my old espanola friends. (Here in toronto, not in Espo!)
Hahah... you used to live in Espanola? I like how you placed emphasis on NOT being there on Sunday. Makes total sense though.


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Where's Olga... someone find Olga.... I think I'm going to Summer's End...it's going to be RAMMMMMMEED!

My weekend is blah until I find out for sure about Sunday.

I don't want to be at work right now.



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friday - gym, chill out at home
saturday - yoga, shopping
saturday night - ??
sunday - The Ex!!
monday - the beach


Jeremy Jive

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T-cleaning garage, moving scooter. driving, getting drunk after
F-nothing, and packing
S-packing and nothing
S-packing and nothing

jeremy -excitement- jive
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