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Weekend thread?

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glych t.anomaly said:
i jsut realized i have a bday party on sat i must attend.

no murat for me :(


bah! bdays happen every year,murat hasn't happened in what 7?


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Friday - yoga and seeing uni roomie for coffee to discuss her quarter life crisis

Saturday - go to ryerson at *8* am to prep for presentation at *9* am on my research project, personal training, then ladies night chez Poot where Santa hats/bells/whistles or something or other will ensue

Sunday - dinner in Scarlem.

* emphasizes the ungodly hour
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Friday - One of my best friends is back for a visit from England, hang out with her

Saturday - Buffalo by day, Rosedale by night

Sunday - Visit the kitties at mcbees parents


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kuba said:
I'm saving myself for next thursday.

same here, i have an exam on sunday, so this weekend is all about the books and then an exam on tuesday, so i have tons of reasons to party hard on thursday (end of the school year and my bday :p )


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Friday - Friend's 30th birthday party
Saturday - Help move stuff for Kuba's crazy sister, birthday dinner I think, and then shinanigans wth Kuba
Sunday - Gym, teach mom how to organize her pictures on the computer, and then mommy dinner!


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FRI-> Sunny's birthday party and the new night @ College Street Bar

SAT-> Electro party @ El Amigo featuring Chiclet-Fawn-Barbi. pm me for deets!

despite 2 parties, I have to get about 10 assignments done.



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No real plans for this weekend or next. As much as I'd like to take advantage of the long weekend, when I have exams on the 17th/18th/19th and 20th back to back - I need to study.

glych t.anomaly

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OhNo! said:
bah! bdays happen every year,murat hasn't happened in what 7?

if we are done drinking with peeps early enough then you will see me there

not to worry, im well aware of how long its been, when does he go on, do you know?



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Low key weekend for me too...

Thu : Dinner with a gf then maybe hit the Grip par-tay if I'm not totally exhausted...
Fri : Hang out with a couple friends and eat Indian take-out.
Sat : House par-tay in Scarborough :)
Sun : Wedding Shower.


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Friday - laying low, smoking weed, recovering from back injury
Saturday - Murat! back better hold out
Sunday - Contemplate life - back better not be more fuked
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Tonight: Nuttin.

Friday: Supposed to go to a 31st bday bash, but I think I am going to end up passing on that.

Saturday: Taking a couple of the bridesmaids out to get started on their gowns.

Saturday pm: Ladies night!

Sunday: Dunno.


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I get to behave all weekend. Maybe duck ut for drinks Friday. other than that, work, research, and read


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Tonight - play date with my favourite five year old
Tomorrow - go out for a dinner date and chill
Saturday - shopping for the first time in a long time, some funk and house (EXCITED)
Sunday - lunch with a girliefrend and some chill time with the boy


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tonight - gym, survivor, dinner
friday - work late, home to clean apt
saturday - prep house for open house, get the hell outta t.o., shop till i drop in buffalo
saturday pm - house party
sunday - yoga, laundry, visit my kitties, dinner with my family, hopefully deal with multiple offers on my condo:D

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