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weekend thread | feb6-feb9

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Friday: Rave in Brampton!
Saturday: Still Raving in Brampton
Sunday: Poker? Raving? Betty Ford


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Tonight: My dad is coming so I get to wait patiently for him to arrive
Friday: hang out with my dad
Saturday: Chilli cook off and go to see The Wrens
Sunday: Take it easy

next week: SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!! (a.k.a. reading week)


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Fry day: Work, then goin' here and there in the evening...maybe hopefully pickin' up my friend from work and showin' her the new place.

saturday: Skiiing at Mt. St. Louis during the day, then possibly bee-lining it over to Blue Mountain in the evening...

Sunday: If not already in Collingwood, then heading up to Collingwood for the day.

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Fri- playin out at some club.. yay
Sat- I have an exploding ticket... what does this mean!?
Sun- meh
Friday: dinner with sig other, then possibly a house party, Bramladesh-styles - weather pending.
Saturday: chili-cook orf, weather pending.
Sunday: super sex sunday.


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Tonight - watch Leafs beat Sens
Friday - ?? still up in the air - maybe check out the St. John's vs Toronto Game OR nothing
Saturday - Skiing at Blue!
Sunday - Hockey, relaxing
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friday- 3 house parties in leamington spa
saturday- london- dave the drummer/chris liberator rave for birthday
sunday- turn 22, be cracked out, badgerbadgerbadgerbadger
monday- post-birthday free party (spinning)
tuesday- playing at lounge

I havent had a weekend this crazy in a while...hopefully Ill get through it in one piece...next week, reading week (thank god)

Subsonic Chronic

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fri - brampton rave (if i can get a ride? hint?), alternatively: Pocket Dwellers @ Mod Club (win win!)

sat - some sort of birthday celebration for silver1 hopefully!


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Fri: Birthday dinner for a lovely friend
Sat: Visit parents, movie date with friend, possibly Element
Sun: Enjoying having the whole house to myself
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fri: going to the theater with mum
sat: yoga (gonna stretch my butt muscles!), then chili cook-off. watch out!
sun: hanging with my boy, i hope. :)
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friday: hopefully Pocketdwellers
saturday: work, work and more work. possibly chilling with a boy
sunday: humane society dog training :)
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