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Weekend thread, 2004 edition!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Friday - I wanna get smashed but that doesn't necessarily mean that I will.
Saturday- workin, homework, and zee buddah.
Sunday - Same as Saturday.

dj Red Turtle

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Thurs : maxing and relaxing
Fri : Playing at System
Sat : Dmonics bday at Charlies featuring Atomic Hooligan
Sun : Game fest maybe...

j bunny 2000

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FRi - Super, Uber fun Greenhouse party in Milton with lots of shots

Sat - Hanging on Queen West with buddy clay and getting my nose pierced

Sun - Snowboarding



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Friday - gym, staying in where it's warm
Saturday - gym, return a Christmas pressie, no plans for the evening.
Sunday - tribe yoga party (that's yoga, not toga)

Pretty chill weekend.
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Tonight: Maybe continue my NHL ESPN dominance over Conor.
Friday: Dinner with girl and then I don't know.
Saturday: Score some tds and maybe get some interceptions. Sat night I dunno.
Sunday: Watch football.


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Friday--Wine and cheese birthday social.
Saturday--Apartment hunt and then Surface.
Sunday--Apartment hunt and relax.


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Fri--"System Sound Bar" my buddy Zach is spinning I'm going to show my support.

Saturday--"Charlie’s" to check out some breaks "Atomic Hooligan" and a bunch of good Canadian breaks Djs are going to show off their talent.

Sunday--Play my Xbox (Live), and relax and get ready for the working week.


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Friday, staying out of the cold. Probably working on some php.
Saturday, FREE event at the zen lounge from DSF/BLA/Eloko! Psychedelic ;)
Sunday, oh who cares.

Look, I'm participating!
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friday- marche, element, system
saturday-clean/chill day-disco bowling night
sunday- x rated! ;)*

*aka fuckystuff.

Hawk Eye

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Friday: Euchre or a movie with this guy who lives across the hall with me
Saturday: cleaning room and doing homework and relaxing
Sunday: 2 friends coming to visit me, lunch and movie :)


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Tonight - GST Cheque and PayDay party
Friday - Schoolin and workin
Saturday - Potentially working, if I get it off Snowboarding
Sunday - Working and homework
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friday - snowboarding
saturday - hanging out in collingwood, snowboarding at night
sunday - driving home or staying for a couple of runs of snowboarding


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Fri: Class then God Made Me Funky
Sat: Nothing
Sun: Nothing

I better slow down, this frantic pace can't continue.
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Temper Tantrum

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*playing lots of xbox (goteam knights of the old republic)
*going for sushi
*shopping for a friends hat
*beer downtown

Meh. my life is boring but happy. :)



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Thurs-club 254 to check out Jezboner and Flim play
Fri- nuttin'
Sat- eats and drink at Insomnia then Surface for ADAM JAY!!!! also my, b-day.
Sun- recover obviously.


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friday - yoga, movies, laundry

saturday - spinning class (yikes!!), followed by a visit to MAC, and chores at home

saturday night - out for a friend of kevin's bday

sunday - brunch, yoga party, home to chill

i'm also going to eat lots of good food this weekend as well!!!



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Originally posted by mutslaster
sarah/kev-- hope you guys aren't too tuckered out for monday! holy exercise!

ya, good point.

i may omit sunday's class in honour of monday's cherry popping session.

we'll see what my body says this weekend.

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