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Weekend Cottage Rentals - Kawartha Lakes or nearby?


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...just thought I'd put it out there if anyone knows any cottage rentals that would do a fri and sat in the Kawartha Lakes or surrounding area? Most places I'm finding only rent out by the week in the summer.

Any ideas or suggestions?
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Perhaps rent a cottage on a piece of land where you're not the only one? You know the kind where there are a bunch of little cottages on one property, to share the dock and lake etc.,


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How about Wilberforce? We've stayed at a really nice place and I know the brother of the owners. They are really nice people. There's even a few good restaurants, grocery store and liquor store nearby.


They are situated on a river that is between two lakes, so it's really quiet water and they have boats and kayaks and stuff for the renters.
They call themselves a trailer park, but it's not like Bubbles lives there or anything.


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@ KUBA...that is actually ideal, but the places I've been finding close to where we need to be seem to only rent by the week in the summer :(

@ Shane...something like that sounds great...checked out the site, but a bit too far north

Ideally we need to be close to Bethany, so Bobcaygeon is the furthest north we are looking to go.

I know...very specific...but we have a friend in from out of town who needs to be close to Bethany for Saturday, so we decided to try to make a fun 2 night getaway somewhere nearby...
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