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"no, that's retarded"

"you know that my nephew is retarded, and he has to wear a helmet..."


p.s. Weeds is on the cover of the latest EYE magazine, including a good article...wooooo.


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glych t.anomaly said:
is 5 out on torrents yet?

5 is not out there at all

i'm starting to think the Pre Air 4 episodes that are out were leaked on purpose so that they can get more people to start watching the show....get you itching so bad now you'll watch it on showcase and have to wait till episode 5 so you'll be hurting for it even more....


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Watched 5 and 6 last night...While there were some good moments (the "bee costume", lol!!), I just wasn't feeling these. They're more designed to advance the plot, though, which is fine for some mid-season episodes.

The tension at the end of 6 was thick like Aunt Jemima!


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I'm a bit disappointed with the direction the dealing plot line has gone. Its all a bit too much.

Otherwise still LOVE the show. Great dialogue and characters and the other storylines are awesome. Particularly like the sex crazy rabbinical teacher!