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Weed tourism will be a thing. Should I start an AirBnW?


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With all this talk of the impending collapse of NAFTA and the trade crushing tariff policies of lunatic US President Donald Trump comes a glimmer of hope for Canada.

October 18th.

I am talking about Weed tourism, and my bet is that there will be an entirely new industry springing up around the decriminalization of weed. Most of the talk in the mainstream media now is about how the US can prevent Canadian marijuana from flowing into the United States after decriminalization. I am sure many US citizens will try and bring some back, but that is certainly not our problem. The real problem is how we going to accommodate the traffic coming into Canada from the US as Americans flock here to freely consume weed.

I am thinking we really ought to be talking about how Canada can monetize this awesome opportunity to vacuum money out of visiting Americans while they are here. I am seriously thinking of advertising a 420 friendly AirBnB (AirBnW!) for visiting Americans who want to escape their faux-Nazi government and wander freely around Toronto smoking as much weed as they want (no smoking in my house though!). It could be a cottage industry, a goldmine even.

When the border traffic for weed tourism exceeds that of the current number of people fleeing the US political insanity and internment camps, I bet we'll start to hear talk from them about how the US really has to build a wall on their northern border as well to keep the weed out. You'll see.

Anyway, I am looking at my spare bedroom and thinking, hey, perhaps I can create a safe space for a persecuted American couple who are looking to get away from their country, even for a few days, to bathe in the smoke of freshly legalized weed.

I think I will talk to my friend B. who is an AirBnB superhost, and get some tips on how to set up my place in the best way to maximize revenue from visiting American weed tourists.
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