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wednesday feb 20 shipment



& who said February is a bad month for records? here are some of the bits we should be getting in on wednesday feb. 20:

head affect "afrochrome" (thunk promo)
paul rogers "switch/lazy monday" (sumsonic promo)
pat foosheen "solafide" (polyester promo)
weekend players "into the sun" [chab mix] (multiply promo)
peace division "droppin deep ep" (low pressings 2x12) - back in stock
dj gogo "sayna" (cyber promo) - back in stock
francesco farfa "the search" [weekend world/voyager mixes] (plastic fantastic) - back in stock
greed "l.o.v.e." [darko vs gainer mix] (sog promo)
andy moor "tensile" (tune inn promo)
mau mau vs morrison "gusto" (wallop promo)
james holden "sostice" (silver planet promo) - back in stock
armand van heldan "egyption magician" [peace division mix] (eukahouse)
db boulevard "point of view" [quivver mix] (illustrious)
kid vicious "contagious" [lemon 8 mix] (tsunami)
pound system "never come down" (zero tolerance promo)

+ loads, loads more.

shipment in stock wednesday at noon.

see ya there...

the release records team


TRIBE Member
You guys are killing me... and my wallet :D I've already been in twice in the last week, looks like round 3 will be on Wednesday afternoon.