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Wedding Question?

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Is it bad to not go to a wedding if it is an old friend that you don't really talk to anymore?

We would still be friends but we have growen apart over the years due to where we live etc....


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I say go, how long has it been since you two were friends? If its been longer than the amount of time you were friends for then don't go. What if you become friends again and you missed his wedding?



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Having gone to toooo many wedding over last summer, I kinda had to pick and choose which ones I could attend. Depends a number of factors, are you in the wedding party? Then I dont think you have a choice, you kinda should go.

However if you just a guest then I would see if I could afford it or not. If you can afford the hotel, gift, transportation, drinks, etc, etc, then I would send my regrets and a gift.
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If you don't want to be there that says a lot Lee.
go with your gut - if you don't want to do it - don't do it.
because there is going to be more and more weddings coming!
I have to postpone leaving for Thailand because I'm a bridesmaid and the wedding isn't until mid september.
and yesterday I had to turn down another friend to be in her wedding party b/c I am suppose to be across the world then.
3 of my friends have gotten engaged in the last 4 months... :eek:
idiots :p haha

not to mention how expensive it is.
I figure the one I'm in Sept is going to cost me $1500ish +.

and just going to one is at least a $500 commitment.

so I think you should pick and choose the ones that matter :)!!


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well, would you be offended if your friend chose not to attend your wedding?

I think it's a nice thing to go to the wedding of a person who at some time, ANY time, was close to you. it shows that you value the friendship you had, and that despite your losing touch, you still care.

if they had the consideration to send you an invitation for their wedding, you really can't not go.