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Wed at limelite

dj Red Turtle

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just have to say is $2.50 drinks are dangerous. oh yeah, Chu and Slim kick. best wed in a while..... Now i'm convinced that i should hit fever on fri....

rambling ramblinb... still hung over at work
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ooo, limelight
so evil!
always fun

this is not a review, just saying hello to people that i don't have contact with usually

nice to meet you again veronique!
ADAM....been too long, say hi to your friend for me, i can't remember her name - but she was great fun
twist and dylan- you kids are so cute you should dj together
sunkist - good to see ya, drinkin is fun

loress - tequila rose...nice shot!
lambchops...can't recall your real name but it was nice to meet ya
allie, as always i get way too hammered with you
susan and jay - love you two lurkers lots...don't remember you saying bye though?
alex - thanx for the ride home again...sorry about the falafel madness, but mmmmm so good
if i forget anyone, i'm sorry...but i'm sure you could gage that on a drunk scale of 1 to 10 i was a 12

DJ Doublecross

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Damn I wanted to make it out to this because I haven't been by Limelight in a while, but this new "class" thing is killing me. Being at school from 10am-6pm just demotivates me to do anything!



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DAMN! I wish I had a way! Michelle- I think I got Lori hooked on the tequila rose!
I haven't seen u in forever! And Allie- too.

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Wed. at limelight had Chu, Switch and Fluid
not Slim, but Fluid will be at Fever along with Slim on Friday



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i have no idea why i was at a breaks nite-but i still had a wikkid time..thanks twist
..and everyone else