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Web developer (.NET) 40-60K+


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We are looking for a team player with excellent communication skills and expertise in building and delivering enterprise business software. Your outstanding abilities in creating object oriented internet-based software applications have positioned you as a leader in the field. You have demonstrated excellence in project planning and leading groups.

We are looking for experience in the following tools and technologies:

* ASP.net ADO.net;
* C# or Visual Basic.net;
* Objected-Oriented Design;
* Web Services, XML;
* Relational Database Design;
* SQL Server 2000;
* Java Script, style sheets;


The successful candidate will have a majority of the following experience and skills:

* Bachelors degree in Engineering, Computer Science or Information Technology preferred, or related experience;
* Ability to recognize client side opportunities and to capitalize on them;
* Strong communication skills including verbal, written and listening;
* Ability to understand system requirements and translate them into web site development/implementation;
* Enthusiastic with excellent organizational skills;
* Experience with an on-line retail organization, B2B, or B2C is a definite asset.
* At least 1 year of professional experience creating .net web applications and interfaces.
* At least 3 years of professional experience creating web applications and interfaces.
* The ability to work both independently and in a team environment

We work in a fast paced, flexible, and professional environment with a supportive work culture that rewards initiative and performance. This position offers great scope for growth and independent functioning, while contributing to the crucial initiatives of the Company. We offer competitive compensation and benefits that are driven by qualifications, experience and PERFORMANCE.

If you are interested in this opportunity to join our team, please send me an email to henry.zaccak at gmail.com