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Weapon for Home Defense


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I have a baseball bat under my bed. I never thought about the swinging in close quarters issue. I think if I use it like a slefgehammer it'll be fine.
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I'm not a huge fan of fruit of any kind so there has been no slicing of fruit with the machetes.

Though, that does sound fun now that you mention it.

Littlest Hobo

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ASP are legal to purchase but keeping one in your pocket can be construed as carrying a concealed weapon, which is a big no-no. Also in it's unextended form can be construed as a concealed weapon. I have several gun nuts in the family, they have told me this.

The best self defense is a handgun and knowing how to use it. I like shotguns for home defense. A dog is also a good deterrent.

I keep a compact fire extinguisher under my bed. Not for home defense of course, I am clearly off topic, but obviously in case of fire. It's compact, dense, blunt, unassuming nature useful in close quarters and for throwing does nothing for the fire but the chemical spray does. Keep it out of your orifices, you can't fight fire that way.


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Excellent idea.... then when you need it in a pinch, you have to unlock the case then unlock the trigger guard that you're legally required to have on it.

Not true. If it's in a safe, no trigger lock is required and you can have a loaded magazine right beside it (but not inserted in the handgun). If your safe is biometric/fingerprint you can go from chilling on your couch to holding a loaded handgun in about 5 seconds total.

Add that to the fact that Canada basically does not recognize the defense of 'they broke into my house so I killed them' and you have a horribly bad idea all around.

If they broke in and tried to harm you with a weapon, you'll likely win in court. Numerous court cases show this. A legal defense is going to get very expensive. There is insurance available for this very situation.

Really just terrible advice...

Despite everything I expressed above, you could still be correct in this last assertion. Handgun ownership isn't to be taken lightly.
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