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we love cox


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I almost saw Carl Cox at Industry the first time he was booked to play. . . apparently his entourage were "lost in a snowstorm" and they almost missed the gig. In the end, he apparently actually showed up after a last ditch heroic effort to make it to the club about 6am, after most people had left (apparently, for those that stayed, and there were a few, it was an awesome show).

The second time was Industry again, and this time I actually managed to catch him. I had just dropped by, meaning to check him out for about an hour and drop off some flyers or something (I think it was a Sunday night). When Carl went on I just started tapping my toes. . . and then my head started bopping, and then before I knew it I was loosing my shit on the dance floor for four hours, stone cold sober.

I dragged my ass into work the next day late I can tell ya'll.

The weird thing was I only actually liked about 75% of what he was playing. . .the rest was pretty cheesy to me at the time, but his mixing and energy made it immaterial.


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Heck...I gotta post a review. Carl Cox was the reason I joined tribe in the first place. My review of "the black superman" was a few year's back....do a search for it if you are bored. Regardless my review will be short and sweet.

Raining outside. Umbrellas are a nice touch. Guestlist was honored. Doormen treated me like gold. Female bartender upstairs was sweet, but slow. Although shuffled to the upstairs, downstairs was packed. Warm up djs did it proper. What are the red LED numbers displayed behind the DJ booth?....not BPM's. Met folks I haven't seen in a while with dayjobs and scammed the day off of work.

Carl came on. Vibe was huge. Vibe made the night for me. Carl wasn't techno. More house perhaps? THE SOUND IS SHIT. I can pick up speakers from a white van that sound better than that. Thus, Carl didn't spin hard. I felt Carl didn't do what he does because he knows the equipment can't handle it. Thus....subpar music for a subpar soundsystem. Let's face it....we all know Carl knows how to bring da noize.

Sure...some jammin' tunes. Alexd takin' picts. Girls looking to be sexy. Music wasn't bad.......but heck..it's a Wed night and it's not FTWK at Tonic (For Those Who Know)..It's This is London. (albeit, I was worried about my sleeveless look....not sure if I would get in.)

Myself and my peeps had a great time regardless. Carl brings the vibe eventhough he held back on the phat tracks.
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Carl @ Stereo last night. Sweet baby Jesus.....

The legend delivered last night, and then some.

Last night was one of those nights....those nights that you knew had the potential to be special, and it actually delivered.

Got there around 1, walked right in. Mark Lewis was openning with some solid techno. I though: techno is good. I hope this is a sign of things to come.

It got nicely full around 2am right before Carl came on. The crowd was awesome. It was all the hardcore heads, who KNEW that this was not to be missed. It really did make a noticeable diference to the vibe of the crowd. I've never seen the little lounge areas so empty. Everyone was dancing.

230am, Carl steps up. He started dropping good, stompy technoand just didn't stop. Non stop rolling beats. Hardly even any extended breakdown. It was awesome. Techno on that system sounds so damn good. I'm pissed with myself for not bringing earplugs, but in some ways, my current ringing is worth it. I really miss this kind of techno. It brought me back to some of the epic nights of techno at Aria from a couple years ago. Fucking solid.

XL came on between 6 and 630, and kept up the stompy pace. I was stopped in my tracks by a little bit of the intro to one of my all time favourite tunes. I thought I was hearing things until I heard the sweey sweet bassline of:

Under the Influence - Chems.

Fcuking bloody hell. I have waited YEARS to hear that tune on s big system.

I can now die a happy man. Brilliant.

anyways, sorry for getting all wordy. twas an awesome night.

Any other Tribers hit this one? From Toronto, it would have been well worth the roadtrip,

Now for a day of records and avoiding any work calls on my cell.



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It's astonishing that there was such a difference in Cox's set over 2 subsequent nights. I always thought that a big name dj on tour would have a pretty standard repertoire for each performance.



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eLeKTRon said:
It's astonishing that there was such a difference in Cox's set over 2 subsequent nights. I always thought that a big name dj on tour would have a pretty standard repertoire for each performance.

You might think so...but not in this case. I don't know if Carl had planned this all along, but what a nice damn surprise to hear non-stop Stereo techno!
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kate manus

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I expected him to play like he did at TIL as well.. I saw him in Toronto, Montreal & Quebec last fall and even though the style was generally the same.. he definitely did not play the same set each time!
Last night was a nice surprise indeed! didn't expect him to play as hard as he did.. and there was no vocal house or anything. interview coming up soon. :)

great crowd... so nice to hear techno at Stereo again too.. last time was when I saw Oliver Lieb there a few years ago.


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I found the vibe amazing and as for the sound, I wear earplugs so that may filter out any of the extreme stuff and leave just the essentials. Carl was clearly on the ball and played a great set, not as hard as i thought he would play but it was a set entirely suitable for the particular crowd and the decor.

I like Carl because he projects his personality and character from the booth, as opposed to someone like digween who plays the majority of his set like he has facial paralysis while looking down at the mixer.

One thing I noticed that I rarely see these days is the crowd screaming for more! Every so often in big rooms back in the late 90's (better living center for example) you would get this great surge of crowd noise... It happened at This Is London on Wednesday...

As said, previously, the staff at TIL (especially the door staff) are always good and it was nice seeing kate working the clipboard.

Amazing huge turnout for anything on a Wednesday as well..


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Nice one. I've been a fan since 1992. Haven't heard his new stuff, but I got to see him 5 years ago and he was pretty good.

Tony Bandana

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Carl Cox is better then your favourite Dj ..

sorry but its true..lol

got home @7am , parked my car on my lawn

great times


:D :D
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kate manus

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My interview with him from his night at Stereo is now on the edmm.ca site.

From the sounds of it, I am really glad he played the set he did at Stereo compared to the night before at TIL!