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We are Venezuelians up in space defending the socialist race


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Venezuela kicks off space effort
By Greg Morsbach
BBC News, Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at a recent rally
Critics say Mr Chavez should be spending the money on job creation
Venezuelan scientists are going to China to begin work on Venezuela's first satellite - the first step on the way to a national space programme.

President Hugo Chavez has earmarked around $0.5bn (£287m) to get the space agency off the ground in 2007.

The 30 scientists will be joined by another 60 next year to build the satellite along with China.

Venezuela's government hopes to use it to broadcast many of its own radio and TV programmes throughout Latin America.

The Simon Bolivar satellite, named after the Venezuelan independence hero, is supposed to be launched into space by August 2008.

Mr Chavez wants the satellite to be blasted into orbit from a Venezuelan launch pad.

High cost

The leftwing president is using part of his country's oil wealth to become a member of an elite club of nations which have their own space programmes.

The Venezuela government intends to put several satellites into space, some of which will be used for geological surveys of the Earth.

Venezuela's military will play a key role in the space programme and so the satellites could eventually be used to gather intelligence.

But the government's critics appear to be more concerned with the cost.

A presidential candidate from the opposition recently said he welcomed Venezuela's foray into space but only if the government started tackling more basic problems such as creating jobs.
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"Mr Chavez wants the satellite to be blasted into orbit from a Venezuelan launch pad."

I'm guessing they're planning on Chinese, Russian or EU missles, er, "rockets", 'delivery systems' whatever, right...?
Cus developing your own space rockets means developing ICBMs... and I dont think Venezuela has that kind of money, or security

Though having your own communication satellites, even simply the public mass media function for TV and now sat. radio is powerful...

Ditto Much

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No sense in exploring the issue raised by the critics.

Venezuela is planning to make use of space and reasonably it has to be realized that this is long term.

Currently if memory serves France, USA, China, Japan, India and "Russia" can all put satelites into orbit. I say France because the UK and Italy don't have launch capability and Europes launch site is in French Guiana

Brazil is likely pretty close to being able to lob a satelite into space, Both Pakistan and Israel likley could however Israel is forced to launch West and thus is serioulsy hurt, and Pakistan is reasonably just a matter of time.

Canada which technically lacks launch capability spends about 0.5 billion per year on our space program. It employs somewhere under 4000 people directly if memory serves. India blows about the same.

I'm pretty confident that Venezuela with the help of China can accomplish what Brazil was capable of with the help of Israel.