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Wdpk 83.7

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The Tesseract

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brings you daft punk's Homeworks-rks-rks-rks

I remember when i got this CD. I bought it at Sunrise records in Upper Canada Mall. The guy at the counter asked me if they were any good.
The next day at school, some twat made fun of me for listening to them, cause of the Da Funk video.
a month later, Daft Punk caught on, and everyone was buying the CD up like mad... including that fat twat that made fun of me. God people can be so stupid when it comes to music.
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you should buy their dvd interstella 5555 or at least find somewhere to dl it

its pretty cool, they spent 5 mill on it and had in made special!
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5 million!!!
no way.

it is damn good rock video though!!!
one of my faves!

also, for my 100th time on this board i say again that, DISCOVERY is not only one of the most underrated electronic albums of all time (despite how mainstream it is), it is also one of the best albums of all time, PERIOD!!!
INTERSTELLA 5555 simply solidifies it as such!


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I tend to resist playing my copy cause it is absolutely mint. I have it on cd too though so.........
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