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Way Out West (live)


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Jody Wisternoff + Nick Warren = live WOW set. Sat 26 March at Nest.

It's been ages since WOW were last here as a duo. Nick's here usually every year (boat cruise last summer, Ryze in 2014) and Jody's been touring extensively with Anjunadeep (sold out show last Feb at Mod Club). But together? and live?.... absolute ages.

Nest has said that headliners will do extended 4hr sets too, so fingers crossed for that on Saturday night.

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Lol! I haven't been back here... didn't realize a review was needed...

In short -

Very busy, packed crowd.
Opener/closer Tim Penner was awesome.
If you think of it as a Jody dj set = it was brilliant, a solid 9/10.
As a WOW "live" set though.... :/
The "live" component was Nick on the drum pad. So he was drumming away for the entire set BUT there were clearly times he was offbeat AND we couldn't hear that. Apparently Ableton can force it to sync up? But then what's the point of it being "live"?? Not impressed at all.
Spoke with a friend who saw them a few days before in NYC and she said it was definitely live drumming - mistakes and all. So yeah, not sure what happened in Toronto.