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WAVEWHORE - Take The Dancefloor / Work It Out - iBreaks Bass (IBREAKSBA018)


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Out now on iBreaks Bass!!

WAVEWHORE - "Take The Dancefloor" / "Work It Out" - iBreaks Bass (IBREAKSBA018)

iBreaks Bass brings you the hefty nu-jungle breaks sound of New York City based Wavewhore, who drops a ton of bpms and bass on this two-track EP. Take The Dancefloor kicks off the proceedings with some dancehall vibes and ragga MC stabs before dropping a massive hooky bassline directly into your ears. Plenty of classic breakbeats rear their head throughout the rolling original beats. Work It Out goes all Amen on us taking you right back to the early hardcore days, especially when backed up with some rave-esque stabs and a warped bassline. This one's definitely built for the big systems, fuelled by big breaks and high energy bass and synth sections.

Exclusive Release Date: Feb. 3, 2014 (only at http://www.ibreaks.co.uk)
Official Release Date: Feb. 10, 2014 (at all stores)

Early support from Aquasky, FreQ Nasty, The Autobots, BreaksMafia, Farace, Paul BassRock, Wes Smith (Juice), Ceos (Downbeat), Llupa and many more!!

Soundcloud Preview: Wavewhore - "Take The Dancefloor" / "Work It Out" - iBreaks Bass by Wavewhore on SoundCloud - Hear the world

For more information about Wavewhore, visit: http://www.facebook.com/wavebreaks
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